Billund Airport (BLL) Review

Billund Airport (BLL)



4.6/5 Pros

  • Walking distance to Legoland
  • Lovely services and nice lounge
  • Very effective processes
  • Sun Air flights with British Airways status service Cons

  • Pricey if you have to pay for food / souvenirs
  • Limited connections (regional hub)

On my trip with Sun-Air of Scandinavia, I had the opportunity to visit Billund Airport. My stopover time there was more than four hours, so that there was sufficient time to look around. The Danish airport is growing quite fast, but is still small compared to the country’s largest, Copenhagen.


Billund Airport – Location and Connections

The airport is located quite close to the city, on its Northeastern edge. Billund is of course well-known as the capital of plastic bricks. One special feature is that the walkway to Legoland is signposted – the distance from the terminal to the park entrance is roughly 1.5 km.

The whole airport area is very convenient. There is a Zleep Hotel not too far from the airport (walking distance). The parking garage is right across the terminal.


Arriving in Billund Airport

Arriving from London City was quite easy. The Dornier 328 JET plane was parked at the outermost gate. Nevertheless, the airport is compact, so that the walk was limited.

When I took some pictures of the baggage area, I saw my suitcase on the luggage belt, so that I brought it to the luggage handling for re-checkin. First time I am going there because I have one piece of luggage too much in my hands rather than missing one. The staff was very friendly. However, they told me that the luggage handling very frequently misses that suitcases are in fact on transit.


Departing from Billund Airport

Compared to the limited number of check in counters, the main hall of the airport is really spacious. Apart from the typical facilities, there are two things, which were very special: first of all, the airport features a free PC and printing terminal. Secondly, there was a small, free exhibition about aviation technology, which for example explains how the Instrument Landing System is working.

My British Airways status would likely have given me Fast Lane access at the airport, but the ordinalry ones were already extremely efficient. Right after security, you go up one level and first make it to the Duty Free Shop, which is quite huge compared to my expectations. After passing the Duty Free shop, you reach some sort of small indoor plaza. There are a lot of shops with different merchandise. On the upper level, there are some restaurants. The highlight, of course, is the Lego Store. I was really tempted to buy the Lego model of Billund airport, but the price exceeded 50 Euro. From that level you need to walk one staircase down (depending by membership level) to explore the reas.


Billund Airport – King Amlet Lounge

The King Amlet Lounge is the premium waiting place for practically all airlines which are offering it from Billund Airport. I was absolutely amazed of it. The area is huge and offers different areas to work and relax. One very cool feature is that some of the tables can be used to play chess or other board games. There is soup and some sandwiches and similar for snack. The lounge offers a beautiful view of the apron. You can also look into the departure hall from the other side.


Billund Airport – My View

Billund is a really nice regional, but growing and developing airport. My stay there was really fun. I was quite amazed of the size and services of the King Amlet Lounge as well. On top from the great service at Sun-Air, Billund Airport gave me a really good time. They do so much right in Billund, I just could not do other than assigning them the Top Pick! rating of


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