Wernigerode Aviation Museum (Luftfahrtmuseum)

Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

10 EUR


4.8/5 Pros

  • Really large aviation museum
  • A lot of accessible planes and cockpits
  • Well structured, interesting museum
  • Also interesting for kids

Wernigerode being located right North of the Harz mountains might not be the most obvious location for an aviation museum. However, there has been quite some interesting aviation history in the region until the end of World War II. The 35,000 people city is nowadays hosting a rather competitive aviation museum, the Wernigerode Aviation Museum or Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode, which is especially eye-catching due to the large Transall C-160 on its roof. During my last visit to the Harz region, I just had to have a look.


Wernigerode Aviation Museum – Location & Admission

The Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode is located Northwest of the heart of Wernigerode, but still very central in the touristic city. In fact, the location of the historic Wernigerode Airfield is less than a kilometer away. The museum consists of several buildings and a rather large free parking lot. If you don’t make it there by car, regional trains stop at the nearby rail station Wernigerode Elmowerk. Walking distnance from the main station of Wernigerode is some one kilometer, while Wernigerode Westerntor, stop for the Harzer Schmalspurbahn, the Harz Narrow Gauge Trains, is slightly closer.

The museum is opening daily from 10:00 to 18:00. You may enter until 16:30, but this will be quite a hassle to see the whole museum. I at least suggest two, better three hours for the visit. Adult admission is 10 Euro.


Wernigerode Aviation Museum – The Visit

With 6,000 square meters, the Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode is a really surprisingly huge place. Documentation is typically in German and English, the audio guide is also available in Dutch. The exhibition space spreads over four hangars. I kicked off my visit in the History Hangar. I guess the main topic about this section is rather clear. However, apart from historic airplanes (there is a total of 50 original planes in the museum), there are also a lot of other items in display, like flight models, airplane parts, parts of pilots’ clothing and equipment and many more. I also liked that the museum is also having interactive spaces here and there, which explain the physical conditions which allow aviations – this part of the museum has been especially popular among the youngest visitors during my time there.

As you might have seen in the pictures about, the first hangar also tells you about the history of aviation in Wernigerode and the region. There is a seamless transfer to Hangar 2, the Hollywood Hangar. This is a really cool part for movie fans as well. The Wernigerode Aviation museum built a full cockpit and other minor items for the movie Bridge of Spies. Furthermore, the CEO of the museum was part of the movie crew, as a consulting assistant to director Steven Spielberg. Who would expect this kind of exciting story when you head to the Harz Mountain region?

Four Exhibition Hangars Overall

Despite consisting of four hangars, the museum is very handy, the signs are clear. Thus, you don’t get lost in there and also will easily make it to the passageway to Hangar 3. You reach it from the first Hangar. Hangar 3 is featuring the Helicopter Hangar – you guess what the main focus is. There is an easy transfer to the fourth exhibition space, the jet hangar. I really liked these two hangars, as helicopters are not in focus that frequently and as there were also some former G.D.R. planes and helicopters. By the way, the museum also shows the former training jet plane of King Charles III..

Each of the hangars feature additional exhibition spaces. The Jet Hangar, for example, also comes with a nice collection of catapult seats. I also liked that most of the cockpits are accessible or at least – in case of the jets, there are ladders which allow you to have a closer look into the control area of the planes. In contrast to other places, where people are unfortunately very rude to the historic exhibits, the museum feels to be majorly visited by people who treat the planes and items with respect. This finally leads to a better experience for any visitor.


Rooftop Transall

The signature attraction of the aviation museum is definitely the Transall C-160. The former military freight plane has been put on the roof of the museum in 2018. In fact, the plane has been flown to the nearby Ballenstedt Airfield and then brought to the museum. The plane is fully accessible, including the cockpit and the freight area. The latter is used to tell the history of the plane in a nice exhibition as well. As you see in the pictures below, the plane is especially eye-catching during sunset. The C-160 is also a favorite among kids – even if they don’t love the plane, they indeed love the slide, which is going down from the roof back into the museum.


Wernigerode Aviation Museum – Services

In the reception area, the museum is also driving a small gift shop with typical items. Many visitors enjoyed visiting the cafeteria, which is right next to the shop and offers snacks, cake and drinks. Especially due to the rather long visiting time, you might love having a rest. If you plan your visit more ahead than I do, you may also try out one of the museum’s simulators. A half an hour experience in the Messerschmitt BF 109 simulator is 50 Euro, while being in the Bell UH-1D simulator the same time is 60 EUR. For the latter, you should be able to speak German to interact with the instructor.



Wernigerode Aviation Museum – My View

The Wernigerode Aviation Museum is a great aviation museum and definitely a hidden gem in the German aviation museum scene. I definitely underestimated the size of it and thus the time you can spend there. Even if you are not that much interested in the topic, you will very certainly have a great time.



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