Iberia Dali VIP Lounge Madrid T4 (Madrid MAD)

Iberia Dali VIP Lounge Madrid (MAD) Terminal 4



4.4/5 Pros

  • Large lounge
  • Nice areas
  • Good food and driks Cons

  • Inconvenient for transfer passengers

If you have a Schengen flight from Madrid Barajas Terminal 4 and fulfill the requirements, you typically relax at the Iberia Dali VIP Lounge at the key Spanish airport. It is likely also one of the most posh lounges driven by the local airline. After I teased the lounge in previous parts of, I introduce it to you in a dedicated lounge review this time.


Iberia Dali Lounge MAD T4 – Location & Access

The Dali Lounge is located right behind security on Madrid Terminal 4. You don’t go back down to gates level but head straight on on the same level as security (and the check-in desks) are. this also means that the lounge is ideally located for passengers departing from Madrid (MAD) – it is a bit on the bothering side for transfer passengers, though. You typically have to take an elevator up to security level to reach the lounge, which is opening daily from 6:00 to 23:00.

Dali Lounge is majorly serving Schengen flights and Non-Schengen ones serviced by Terminal 4 (not Terminal 4S). Thus, you have access with a Oneworld Business Class or First Class Ticket as well as Sapphire and Emerald status, including all equivalents by the participating airlines. There is no possibility to buy in into the lounge. There is also a separate lounge for members, non-Oneworld flyers and lounge pass (e.g. Priority Pass) guests.


Iberia Dali Lounge MAD T4 – Atmosphere

The lounge in fast consists of three section. However, the first section you enter right after the reception desk is very similar to the rear section. Both majorly have restaurant / bistro alike seating. The tables are actually quite nice as they also come with two power outlets and USB ports. Some additional seats have a nice view of the gate area. On top of that, both sections come with a large circular buffet, fridges with bottled drinks and coffee machines.

There are also scattered areas with slightly different seating, including a relax zone. However, the key area in a very different alike setting is the bar area in the middle, which is connection both main sections. Even though the capacity is really massive, the lounge may be rather full in peak times.



Iberia Dali Lounge MAD T4 – Food & Drink

I have visited the Iberia lounge several times. From breakfast to dinner, the food is actually quite nice and reflects the local cuisine as well as international favorites. You typically also have some quite nice healthy options, juices and salad / vegetables there as well.

On the drinks side, the lounge is really good. Especially the bar area features a wide range of beer, wines and spirit. However, there is sufficient gin for an intense tasting in the two major wings as well. Iberia also offers a nice range of soft drinks, including some of my local Spanish favorites.


Iberia Dali Lounge MAD T4 – Services

The lounge is not only having a large sanitary area, but also showers. There is a gaming area if you want to distract yourself as well. There is a designated WiFi network for the Dali Lounge. Typically, it works very well. However, the connection might be a bit of bumpy if the lounge is packed. The lounge staff is typically friendly and efficient.


Iberia Dali Lounge MAD T4 – My View

Iberia improved some weak spots of the Dali VIP Lounge during the Covid-19 period. This finally turns the lounge to a really nice relax spot before your next Iberia or British Airways connection. The location is a bit of bothering for transfer passengers, but overall, I really like this place.


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