Schlossbergbahn Graz

Schlossbergbahn Graz



4.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely views from the train and the Schlossberg
  • Centrally located
  • Low price

Sometimes, iconic attractions don’t need to be overwhelmingly large to become really worth a visit. The Grazer Schoßbergbahn / Graz Castle Rail, for example is just 212 meters long, but still a very popular ride among tourists and locals. The reason for that is also that during that short distance, the cable car train is climbing up a height difference of about 109 meters, up to the Schlossberg overlooking the Austrian city. Here is my review.


Schlossbergbahn Graz – Location & Admission

The lower terminus of the Schlossbergbahn is located at the Northern edge of Graz Old Town. Tram lines 3 and 5 connect to the station, but you likely end up walking there. Parking in close proximity may be a bit more adventurous, but at least on the opposite side of River Mur, you find several opportunities to do so.

The ropeway is typically running between 10:00 hrs and midnight with a prolonged operation on Fridays and Saturdays. During my visit there was a ride (i.e. a parallel run of an uphill and a downhill train) every fifteen minutes. The ride is part of the public transport system of Graz. Thus, if you make the return within one hour, the experience is just 2.50 EUR. A day ticket is 5.50 Euro. If you have a round trip after 17:00 hrs, the ticket is 5.50 Euro. There is also a combined ticket of a trip with the ropeway and the Schlossberg Elevator one way each.


Schlossbergbahn Graz – The Cable Car

The cars currently operating in Graz have been introduced in 2004. Due to the steep rails, the car is diagonal and there are three sections within the car. There is a seat with a lovely panoramic view at the very bottom of the car and there is bench-alike seating in other sections. The cars have large glass windows and a panoramic glass roof.

The tram is operated with an operator, who is always at the upper part of the car. On the downhill route, the operator is making use of a camera, which is located at the lower end of the carriage.


Schlossbergbahn Graz – The Trip

The trip is finally a very short ride and takes about three minutes. As the carriage is on rails, it is very smooth and not too exposed to shaking, wind or similar effects. The glass roof gives an excellent panorama of the city.

The pictures below are taken from my downhill ride.


Some Views of Schlossberg Graz

Apart from a theater and concert stage, a tower and a beer garden, there are a lot of other things to do on the Schlossberg. The most lovely thing is, however, simply the view over the Styria capital. I could even spot the Novapark Airplane Hotel, in which I had two good nights, from there.


Schlossbergbahn Graz – My View

The price is great, the panoramic view is amazing – and especially at a warm summer day, the Schlossberg is a must-visit anyway. Finally, there are just too many too good reasons to climb the Schlossberg – and to do it with this short, but very fascinating ride. It definitely should be on your Graz bucket list. in Graz

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