SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

375 AED


4.8/5 Pros

  • Great presentation and services
  • Animals held in large habitats
  • No orcas and overall much better animal interaction

After my recent experience with the Christmas celebrations at SeaWorld San Diego were rather disappointing, I felt to give the brand another chance. On my trip to the United Arab Emirates in February 2024, I visited the brand’s fourth and thus latest park. In May 2023, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi opened its gates for the very first time on Yas Island. It is the first SeaWorld park which is not keeping orca whales – likely, the biggest point of critics about the brand. It has been my third visit at a SeaWorld park, after I visited SeaWorld Orlando in December 2018.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Location & Admission

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island. Thus, it is close to the local attractions like Ferrari World, Yas Mall, Warner Bros. World or Yas Waterworld. I stayed at The WB, a Curio Collection Hotel ran by the Hilton brand, which is themed after Warner Bros. movies. If you stay on Yas Island, you can also use the local public buses. Alternatively, there is a lot of free parking. At my visit on a Friday in February 2024, it was easy to find a parking lot. If you like it more posh, there is VIP parking and covered parking for season ticket holders.

At the time of writing, the combination of aquarium and amusement park is opening daily from 10:00 to 18:00. You should also study the presentation and show schedule (see below) to manage your visit. General adult admission is 375 AED, roughly 95 Euro. The ticket grants you free Yas Island transportation. There are also multiple park tickets. If you want to visit all four parks within six days, the admission is 675 AED, for example. You can also additionally buy animal encounters (195 AED to 295 AED) and Quick Pass tickets, which include better seats at the shows. During my visit, the queues were rather short, though. I stayed at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi five hours, roughly.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – The Visit

Most of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is indoors. Only one rollercoaster is exiting the building. However, the waiting lines are indoor as well. My physical condition does not allow me to do these fancy rides, though. After you enter the building, there is a rather long entrance area. You can also go to a machine and virtually turn yourself into a certain kind of explorer, which you can then use at several interactive screens. It is a nice idea, but that service is rather made for young visitors.

The park is split into different sections, which I present to you below. The directions in the park are very clear (in English and Arabic). The habitats come with screens, which give you additional information about the species. Overall, there are more than 100,000 animals at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Sections

Here are my impression by the sections of the park. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is arranged rather circular, so that you can visit more or less all areas easily from the central One Ocean plaza. Roughly, the order of the sections is in line with the order in which I visited the park.


Abu Dhabi Ocean

Abu Dhabi Ocean is the first area you visit. The area is themed after typical local culture, there is a model of a typical Arabic ship. The area has several touch pools. I typically struggle with that kind of attraction, but the rays and shark in there have quite a lot of space to relax in areas where they cannot be petted by the visitors. This section of the visit is definitely the most atmospheric one.



Arctic is the home of walrus, sea otters and puffins. However, the walrus habitat has been under maintenance Therefor, there is also an Arctic Fox. I loved watching the puffins and the seagulls which live in the same habitat. Like in the whole park, the animal homes look very large. I also could not spot a single animal which showed stereotypical behavior or cross-breeding, for example in contrast to the franchise’s outlet in San Diego.



Antarctica is the home of different kinds of penguins. They have a huge place, which is also built in line with their natural biosphere. This also means that the temperatures in the large indoor area is chilly. While you can visit whole SeaWorld wearing a t-shirt, but Antarctica is really chilly. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time in this section of the park and finally would rate it as the best part of my visit there. Part of Antarctica is also a below sea level section (which has convenient temperature). It is also lovely to explore the animals from that perspective.


One Ocean

One Ocean is the central square of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. You can reach almost all sections from there. There are no animals in here, but the large screens on the wall, which are almost circular, host one of the most impressive shows (see below).


Rocky Point

The beautifully made Rocky Point is the home of the seals and sea lions. Apart from that there are various points (from high above the water, ground level and below sea level) to enjoy watching them, you also have the opportunity to feed the animals by throwing small fish to a certain point in the water. As they typically catch the fish in the air already, it is really great fun. The value for money is also quite fair, so that visiting this section with the iconic small lighthouse definitely made me leave with a smile.


Tropical Ocean

While there are no Orcas, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi does host dolphins and a dolphin show. The habitat the sea mammals have is massive, though, and takes a large part of the Tropical Ocean area. There are a lot more animals, from rays to flamingos and parrots. There is also a ray feeding point. Apart from the arcade-alike Midway Games, this section is also holding the entrance to Manta Coaster, which is leaving the air conditioned indoor part of the park. Tropical Ocean only hosts eight restaurants and snack points as well, so that it is a good spot to hang out, relax and enjoy the scenery.


Endless Ocean

The Endless Ocean area feels like the large aquariums at various SeaLife places. However, this wouldn’t be Yas Island if the aquariums with tunnels through the water (one is even having an escalator) would not be massive. Finally, it is even the world largest multi-species marine life aquarium in the world. The key attraction here are different kinds of viewing areas, from where you can spot the inhabitants.




Microocean is dedicated to invertebrates and small organisms. However, most visitors will rather remind this slightly black-lighted part of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi as the entertainment and ride part of their visit. While there are no animals in this area, there is a large 360 degrees screen, which is used for an absolutely impressing show (see below). Many of them are family friendly or even made for kids, like the small free fall tower Jelly Plunge or the climbing attraction Kelp Climb. However, it also hosts one of the two coasters of the park, Eel Racer. This fully indoor operating ride was closed during my visit (already stated at the entrance).



SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Shows

There are still animal presentations at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. However, they are limited to the Animal Care Center and a Sea Lion show. I did not visit those, but wanted to compare the dolphin presentation. Needless to say that the large indoor amphitheater has a splash zone (which many people did not take seriously during my visit and became soaking wet). Overall I felt that the show was much better than the one in San Diego. Yes, there were jumps and similar elements, but the dolphins had much more time to relax and sometimes just swam along the wall. In addition, an African-style percussion group cheered up the audience, which was enjoyable.

My favorite show, though, was One Epic Ocean, which using the large presentation screens at One Ocean. Additionally, it features drones with lights and similar elements. I guess that pictures just partially tell you how well this show is in fact arranged. There are also some minor shows, for example a story about traditional pearl diving at Abu Dhabi Ocean.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Shopping & Food

Not too surprisingly, there are numerous opportunities to spend some additional money. The souvenirs offered ranges from typical merchandise like plush animals and apparel to very posh jewelry. The key shopping area is the beautiful Souk Al-Seef, which is having a variety of different minor shopping booths.

Also on the dining side, the range of restaurants is outstanding. There are typically multiple restaurants and snack points in every area. Some restaurants come with some nice features. For example, there is one restaurant, which is below the water level of the penguin basin allowing you to watch the swimming animals. Fathom 11 is having direct view to one of the large windows of the Endless Ocean aquarium.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Services

As you would expect in Yas Island parks, the services at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi are excellent. The toilets are well maintained and there are lockers close to the entrance. At some spots, there are water dispensers. Here and there, there are plush mascots in the park, which are a popular photo opportunity. There is free fast WiFi in the park. I here and there had some issues accessing it, though.



SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – My View

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is such a difference to SeaWorld San Diego – not only due to the fact that it is an indoor park. You feel that this place is so much more modern. The focus is much more on the animals, who live in really large habitats. The coasters and rides are a very nice add-on. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is the best attraction of its kind I have ever visited. Even though the single park admission is really high, it is a great place for a visit. I absolutely recommend it. in Abu Dhabi

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