Brewery Museum (Brauerei-Museum) Dortmund

Brewery Museum Dortmund

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4.7/5 Pros

  • Very nice overview about the topic
  • Great staff
  • Free entry Cons

  • Parking

Apart from regional local soccer dominator Borussia and the coal production history, Dortmund is quite well famous for a very different produce: beer. There used to be a couple of quite important breweries, who nowadays join production in one place. While you typically look forward to the cans, barrels and bottles they do there, you can also learn something: the place is also driving the Brauerei-Museum, the Brewery Museum. And, even better, the place is free entry.


Brewery Museum Dortmund – Location & Admission

The brewery factory and museum is located at the Siegerstrasse, North of Dortmund city center. It is officially the place of the Hansa brewery, as far as I got. You can drive there, but the parking situation is a challenge. The next underground / tram station is Lortzingstraße. The area is a mixture of commercial and residential elements.

The museum is closed on Mondays. In general, you can visit the place the other days between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs. On Thursdays, the museum closes at 20:00 and on Sundays, the museum opens at noon. Admission is free. The museum is documented in German only, but you will get quite a lot by simply looking around as well.


Brewery Museum Dortmund – The Visit

There are two levels of exhibition. The top level is located in a former production site. You first learn about the Dortmund breweries, their produces and also how they competed against each other on the market. The most eye-catching exhibit is likely the historic brewery truck. However, the range of items and topics is much wider. It starts at models and plans of previous brewery sites, topics beer marketing and sponsoring and also gives you an idea how beer is filled into bottles.

One of the most interesting exhibits to me was a picture series illustrating how a Dortmund brewery used truck promotion world-wide to sell their drink – even more as the person driving the tour is nowadays museum staff.

Production of Beer

The basement section rather introduces you to how beer is made. The Dortmund place is rather limited in space, so that it cannot keep up with brewery-driven places like the Stiegl Brauwelt in Salzburg. However, it is a good first step and also shows some historic machines. You also learn about historic distribution and delivery methods. The model of the horse carriage, for example, is quite impressing.

The last section of your visit focuses on the importance of beer mugs, beer bottles and cans and their importance for marketing. You also see by that focus how different breweries have developed over time in that regard.


Brewery Museum Dortmund – Service

The staff was very friendly and helpful and made us feel very welcome. As said, we ran into a former Dortmund brewery worker who did the international beer marketing road trips and had a very interesting and friendly exchange with him.


Brewery Museum Dortmund – My View

Even though I did not have too many expectations about it, I have been really surprised about the great visit at this hidden gem. The staff was awesome and you get a good overview about the topic. The small items in displays, like phone cards, mugs etc., make this place special and memorable. The only valid reason not to valid it when around is the parking situation. on Eating & Drinking is not a culinary blog. Nevertheless, here are all posts dealing with Eating and Drinking:


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