Krauma Geothermal Spa (Reykholt, Iceland)


6,800 ISK


4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely scenery
  • Different pools with different settings
  • Additional rooms

The last geothermal spa my wife and I visited on our tour through Iceland in May 2023 was Krauma. Compared to the most famous attractions of this kind in the Nordic country, like Sky Lagoon, Myvatn, the Blue Lagoon or the Vök Baths, the place in Reykholt is maybe a bit of less known. However, the location not that far from Reykjavik does turn it into a really interesting destination, if you want to hang out and relax.


Krauma – Location & Admission

Reykholt is a borough of the Icelandic town Borgarbyggd. The spa is located a some 90 minutes / 100 lkm drive away from the capital city, There are bus shuttles and bus tours to the geothermal spa, but I would rather recommend to go there by rental car. The spa is not overwhelmingly large – and bus groups do change the atmosphere of Krauma significantly. The area has quite a lot of geothermal activity. Next to Krauma, there is also a small cafe / fast food place, which I highly recomemnd for a snack. We stayed at the Fosshotel Reykholt after hour visit, which is just a short drive away.

At the time of writing, Krauma is opening daily from 11:00 to 21:00. Adult admission is 6,800 ISK, roughly 45 Euro. You can pre-book ticketss with a fixed entrance time (hourly time slots) online, which might be sensiblein high peak summer times. Like in all Icelandic spas, you can hire accessories like towels or bathrobe for a fee (1,200 ISK / 1,600 ISK). Complimentary parking is provided.


Krauma – The Visit

The setup of the locker rooms at Krauma is very similar to other places we visited, like Vök Baths or the beautiful Forest Lagoon in Akureyri. For each sex, there are two locker rooms each with a capacity of some 50 people. In contrast to other places, you don’t receive a wristband with a chip, though. This also means that you cannot pay for food and drinks during your stay (see below). The facilities are very well maintained and very clean. As in all Icelandic spas, you shall have a shower without bathing clothes before you enter the spa area. Shampoo and shower gel for that are provided.

The pool concept of Krauma is a bit of different, compared to other Icelandic places. Most geothermal spas in the country come with one or two rather major pools, in which more or less all visitors gather. Krauma comes with different pools with different temperatures. There is also a pool with very cold water. From most of the pools, you have a lovely view of the geothermal area, which is very relaxing. The downside of that concept, though, is that if a bunch of people gather in one pool, it might be blocked.

On top of the geothermal pools, Krauma also features a steam bath, an infra red sauna and a relax area. Overall, this leads to a really beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.


Krauma – Services

The staff at the reception desk is lovely. There is also a small restaurant in the reception area. As you don’t have a chip which is gathering your expenses, you typically pre-book the drinks you want to consume before you enter the spa area. However, even though there was a bus tour of people during the later part of our visit (and thus quite a bunch of visitors), you could also order drinks and pay them later. Water, however, is provided for free.


Krauma – My View

I really like the slightly different concept and the scenery at Krauma. Especially if you are visiting Iceland outside the high season, the place is an amazing opportunity to hang out and relax. On top of that, the driving distance to Reykjavik is rather reasonable, so that Krauma is also a nice (and comparably affordable) way to finish a day.


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