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Airport World Lounge Munich



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very modern lounge
  • Various areas and services
  • Easy to reach from B Gates Cons

  • Quite some walk from C Gates
  • Could have more food selection

If you fly a non-Schengen flight from Terminal 1 (the non-Lufthansa one) at Munich Airport and depart from the B or C gates, you likely end up in the Airport Lounge World as a premium passenger. I was able to visit the lounge before an American Airlines Premium Economy flight to Charlotte on my route to Pittsburgh. Here is my review.

Airport Lounge World – Location & Access

Airport Lounge World is located above the B Gates. If you take Security B, you will easily see the elevators going up. You enter the lounge through the sixth floor of the Terminal – the lounge is convering two floors with a staircase inside the lounge. The total size of the area is given by the airport with 1,700 square meters.

The lounge is served by the majority of airlines operating non-Schengen connections from Terminal 1, B and C. Some examples are American Airlines, British Airways, Egyptair, Eurowings (Schengen flights have a separate lounge), Aeroflot or Qatar Airways. Emirates operates an own lounge at T1, though. You may also buy in into to the lounge – the price per person is 48 Euro, however.


Airport Lounge World – 6th Floor

After you passed the reception area, you recognize how large the lounge is. There is a cafe / bistro area on your right hand side and lounge seats and somehow workdesks close to the window on the left. In the back, there is another area, which is very similar, but a bit more quiet. The key food buffet is in sixth floor as well (see below).

The sixth floor also features luggage lockers and the bathrooms, which were very nice during my visit as well. Showers, however, are on the seventh floor.


Airport Lounge World – 7th Floor

While I was visiting Airport Lounge World at Munich Airport, the upper 7th floor was super-quiet and just a few people were around. I loved that level even more. The windows are vertical and give a great view, the lounge area is amazing and the overall atmosphere was nice. The upper floor also features the showers and the prayer / meditation room. There is also a designated room for smokers, which has quite a lovely view over the airport.


Airport World Lounge – Food & Amenities

I visited the lounge at breakfast time. As you see in the pictures below, the presentation was really lovely. The breakfast variety was quite nice with a lot of different items. I could not test too many, as I had the (even better) breakfast buffet at Hilton Munich Airport right before. It was still very good – also nice to see that they offer small boxes of Pringles and other nice snacks.


Airport Lounge World – My View

Congrats, Munich Airport! The Airport Lounge World is a real beauty. I love the variety of different areas, from restaurant seats to relaxing areas for a family or a meeting. The view over the airport is lovely (at least it will be once they finished construction). 7th floor is even more lovely than 6th floor – and it was also less crowded. I feel the lounge really serves any traveler need – there may be a bit more variety in food, but on the other hand, the quality is really nice. Definitely a great place to relax before a flight – Top Pick!


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