Jurong Bird Park (Singapore)

Jurong Bird Park

27 SGD


4.7/5 Pros

  • Beautiful and lovely scenery
  • A lot of amazing birds
  • Good shows - and visiting the breeding center
  • Very good services like tram, food etc. Cons

  • Remote location

Due to the uncertain travel situation, there are still some reviews, which I haven’t published for a too long time. One of these are definitely my thoughts about the Jurong Bird Park, an animal park dedicated to our feathered friends in Singapore. It is the largest bird park in Asia with 3,400 bird in 400 species.



Jurong Bird Park – Location & Admission

The Jurong Bird Park is located in the very West of Singapore, right next to the AYE / Jurong Hill Flyover toll road. It is a but tricky to reach by public transport, you need to take bis 194 from the Boon Lay MRT station. I finally ended up going for a taxi. There was also a designated shuttle bus during my visit.

The Jurong Bird Park opens daily, 8:30 to 18:00 hrs. The nominal admission price is 32 SGD, which is about 20 Euro. I bought an online ticket for 27 SGD. As a tourist, you will likely go for a ticket, which features multiple parks. The four park ticket, including the famous Night Safari, the River Safari and Singapore Zoo, is about 80 SGD. The other three parks are situated together at another place, the Upper Seletar Reservoir. The Bird Park might move to this place during the next years.


Jurong Bird Park – The Visit

The park is quite large and – very characteristic for Singapore, a bit of hilly. Thus, having a tram service which is transporting you around the park is a very helpful assistance, especially on very humid days or if you had a long day as a Singapore tourist anyway. You cannot see all the bird from the tram though – I finally more or less walked once around the park. You should at least account for three hours in the park – if you are with kids or don’t want to be too sweaty at the end, better even take some more time.

The park is nicely signposted and gives sufficient information about its inhabitants, so that it will be easy to explore the park. The park is arranged in sections, so that you find around very easy. Right at the entrance, there is the Penguin Coast, which is already one of the most popular places among the visitors. From the entrace, I visited the park in clockwise direction (the tram is operating like that as well). thus, I explored tehe Helicona Walk and the Wetlands first.

One of my favorite places (even though I could not do too good pictures is the hornbills and toucans section. Soon thereafter, you can enter the Lory Loft and feed the lorikeets. Even though there are some hills to walk, it is a very enjoyable place. The Waterfall Aviary is another habitat you can enter.

I love parrots, so visiting the Parrot Paradise (which is the fourth tram stop and the most remote location from the entrance, by the way) was one of my favorites during the visit. After that, you visit pelicans and flamingos. After that Flamingo Lake area, I turned right to see some of the birds in an inside area you cannot reach by walking along the ring road. I have been mostly interested in the Wings of Asia.

The park is also offering purely educational facilities like the bird discovery center. You can also watch their breeding center when you walk to that a bit of remote location. Really cute.


Jurong Bird Park – Shows

The park offers two shows, King of the Skies and the High Flyers Show. Both are located quite close to the entrance area. Unfortunately, I did not adjust my time in a way that I finally made it to one of them. At the Songbird Terrace, which is quite in the center of the park, you may also go for a lunch with parrots.


Jurong Bird Park – Services

The services in Jurong Bird Park are excellent. There is even a small water park for kids  and families called Birds of Play, which is very popular. There are other playing facilities as well.

A day at the zoo would not be complete without a new plushy friend or another souvenir. Of course, the park offers a lot of opportunity for that. I felt that the items were really nice and not that overpriced compared to other animal and amusement parks.

There are also a lot of different food services, from international brands to nice cafes and restaurants. You won’t starve in Jurong Bird Park, for sure. The park also offers a sufficient level of sanitary facilities.


Jurong Bird Park – My View

Unfortunately, the location of Jurong Bird Park is a bit remote. But due to the good traffic organization and cheap taxis in Singapore, I see no reason not to visit Jurong Bird Park. It is a beautiful made park with a lot of birds. Your kids will enjoy the wet and the normal playgrounds as well. I had a lovely time there and absolutely recommend a visit.


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