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RentYourCar.Fo Vagar Airport (FAE)



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very friendly staff
  • Efficient processing
  • Good car

Even though you have to be aware of sheep in the streets, the easiest way to get around Faroe Islands is simply by car. Thus, for my stay in September 2023, I opted to rent at a local provider, I was really curious about the experience – here are my thoughts about the rental.



RentYourCar.Fo at Vagar Airport  – The Rental

I had a three day rental in September 2023 with RentYourCar.Fo. The Friday noon to Monday noon rate for a Standard Manual car was 2,745 DKK (roughly 360 EUR). However, my rental included a flat rate fee for two of the major Faroe sub-sea tunnels (537 DKK) and a WiFi device for the time of the rental (238 DKK). I also had a zero liability insurance in the rental.


RentYourCar.Fo at Vagar Airport  – Location & Office

The car rental facilities at Vagar Airport (FAE) are located in a separate car rental center. Not just given the size of the islands, but also the number of people in the territory of the Faroe Islands, it is amazing that there are so many companies represented (some companies, of course, do share their offices and staff. RentYourCar.Fo has the last office on the very left of the facility, which is really handy, as it less packed than in other areas of the car rental center. I was lucky to be rather early in line, while other passengers of my flight from Copenhagen (CPH) had to wait longer.


RentYourCar.Fo  – Receiving The Car

Maybe also due to the full coverage insurance, the rental process was really smooth. Magnus, who was at the desk during rental and return, smoothly guided me through the rental processes. A bit of weird, I did not receive a written contract (neither printed nor by mail), but only a list of things to keep in mind, e.g. how the road toll system is working with RentYourCar.Fo. Magnus was really friendly and I had a fast and friendly rental process.


RentYourCar.Fo – Returning The Car

The return of the car is at the P3 parking lot, which is the Northwest section of the airport parking. RentYourCar.Fo has a certain section of marked parking lots in there. When I returned the car, they were all taken, so that I parked it in a neutral lot. There is a key safe for RentYourCar.Fo. However, I just returned my key to the desk directly. That also has the advantage that you can pay for any outstanding road tolls and similar fees directly. Otherwise, the company is charging your car afterwards. The return of the car worked out as smoothly as the rental.


The Car – Hyundai i20

As I had a quite active time on the Faroe Islands, I really enjoying driving a comfortable and reliable car. Thus, I was really happy with the rather low mileage Hyundai i20. The car was very comfortable. I loved having seat heating on the windy and chilly territory. No GPS or similar perks, but overall, the car was in great state a good option for driving around in the Nordic territory.


RentYourCar.Fo at Vagar Airport  – My View

The company really gave me a great rental at the Faroe Islands. The processes worked out smoothly, Magnus was a very friendly and welcoming customer manager as well. The car was really nice and the WiFi device (not part of the review) worked very well, too. The only reason why I might go for another company next time is that I want to share another review with you. I definitely loved the rental with RentYourCar.Fo at Vagar Airport (FAE).


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