Hamburg Coffee Museum Burg

Coffee Museum Burg



4.4/5 Pros

  • Huge collection of coffee-related exhibits
  • Very entertaining museum
  • Great cafe

Due to its harbor, Hamburg is a very important place for trading goods of all kinds. Not too surprisingly, there are also some very specialized museums in the city, which deal with typical goods imported from overseas. For example, I already introduced you to the Spicy’s Spices Museum. Not too far from this place, there is the Kaffeemuseum Burg or Coffee Museum Burg (Burg literally translated means “castle”, but here, it is a surname). I visited the museum in late summer 2022 – time to share my thoughts with you.


Coffee Museum Burg – Location & Admission

The museum is located in the rather East part of the Speicherstadt. The historic harbor section hosts a lot of key Hamburg attractions nowadays. The German Customs Museum is just a few steps away from Coffee Museum Burg. Of course, Germany’s top rated attraction Miniatur Wunderland is also in walking distance. The buses 6 and 602 take you to the Bei St. Annen bus stop, which is rather close to the museum. If you travel by underground, U1 (exit at Meßberg) and U4 (Überseequartier) are the best options. In both cases, there is roughly a ten minute walk.

The coffee museum is opening Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00. The standard self-guided tour (you may download an audio guide to your smartphone) is 8 EUR for adults. There are also guided tours, seminars and similar events.


Coffee Museum Burg – The Visit

The coffee shop and roast house Burg already exists since 1923 in the Hamburg borough of Eppendorf. During that time, the owners collected a wide range of items around coffee. The museum is really packed. You learn about the coffee roasting process as well as the cultural impact of the drink. For example, there are historic machines used to process coffee as well as former coffee advertisements. A very interesting part of the museum is also a replica of their historic coffee store. However, you can also reflect the different stages and products necessary to finally roast and drink coffee. I also liked the collection of coffee sets.

As you see in the pictures, the collection is really large. I spent some 45 minutes in the museum. However if you are a coffee lover, I would expect you to be in there at least double the time (and maybe have a drink thereafter, see below).


Coffee Museum Burg – Services

The museum is running a shop, which is not only selling coffee, but also products by local manufacturers from the Speicherstadt. The coffee museum is also offering coffee and tea tastings – have a look on their website for details.

A lovely way to finish (or begin) the visit of the museum is having some coffee and a piece of cake at the lovely cafe of the museum. The cheesecake I had was amazing. Furthermore, they have a great range of kinds of coffee. I took the opportunity and had a taste of Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian coffee which is fermented by passing the intestines of the Asian palm civet – a rather unique, but also really memorable (aka delicious) experience.


Coffee Museum Burg – My View

The museum is really nice. Furthermore, the cafe is excellent. Thus, even if you are not interested in the exhibition, having a cake and some really professionally made coffee is a great add-on to your visit in the Northern German city. I definitely recommend it.


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