Two Light Shows at Marina Bay

Singapore’s Marina Bay is known as one of the poshest destination in the city state – not just because of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the rooftop infinity pool. The country is investing quite a lot into their touristic attractions. Thus, it is not too surprising that Marina Bay hosts two daily light shows. The Garden Rhapsody around the “Supertrees” may be the more well-known one. On the other side of the posh hotel and as-posh Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall, there is the light and water show Spectra. Meeting a colleague there, I was able to visit both light shows on 1st May 2019. Here is my review.

There is a designated major size picture gallery to this posting. 


Marina Bay Light Shows – Access / Location

The light shows are on both sides of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Thus, the easiest way to to get there is likely to take the efficient Singapore Metro. The Bayfront station (Circle Line, Downtown Line) just gives you a short walk over the Dragonfly Lake or through the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall. The Singapore Flyer, Asia’s tallest observation wheel is very close as well.

There is no entrance to the light shows. You may take the walkways in the Supertrees for the Garden Rhapsody. This will cost you 8 SGD (some 6 Euro). The time is limited, so you might not make the whole show from that unique perspective. Some people also watch the show from the MBS outlooks, but you will miss the music then. Spectra is best to be viewed right at the shore of Marina Bay. Depending on the wind, you may get wet right at the front, though.

Both shows take some 15 minutes (each). For more popular times like public holidays (I visited the show on 1st May, for example), you should be there well in advance for both shows. At the time of writing, the Garden Rhapsody starts at 19:45 and 20:45, while Spectra incepts at 20:00 and 21:30. On Fridays and Saturdays there is an additional 23:00 show.


Marina Bay Light Shows – Garden Rhapsody

The illuminated Supertrees are likely quite known to you. The show I saw and listened to was called Retro. The trees are illuminated by multiple lights and in different colors. Technically, this show might not be too thrilling, but the scenery makes this show very impressing. People sit on the ground and watch the show while it is running, which gives a very nice atmosphere as well.


Marina Bay Light Shows – Spectra

Explaining Spectra is more tricky than Garden RhapsodySpecta is a combined light, water and sound show. A key element of the show is water sprayed into the sky to form screens and cubes of water, on which figures are projected by the light appliances. This leads to a holographic effect. It has been the first time in my life I saw something similar. Not all pictures work out to be crisp. In addition, I guess that this show is more sensitive to wind.

Marina Bay Light Shows – My View

You likely all have seen pictures of the illuminated Supertrees somewhere. The Garden Rhapsody, though, elevates your visit to an even higher and better level. The show is lovely, a nice and impressive combination of light and sound in that artificial, but beautiful scenery. A must-visit.

The only reason I could name why I would understand you did not visit the Garden Rhapsody is that you had just time for one of the shows. I personally liked Spectra even more. The key reason is that the concept to produce holograms on a wall of water is that unique and amazing. Garden Rhapsody is more posh, powerful – but Spectra is just more special and thus my favorite of the two Marina Bay area light shows.


Singapore Lightshow Gallery

Though it is just a small collection of some 100 pictures, I felt it would be nice to display them in a gallery.


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