Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum

Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum

15 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • Great collection of cars
  • Very good documentation Cons

  • Location requires a car

Cyprus is full of historic museums, excavation sites and touristic attractions. Why should you care about cars when you are on the Mediterranen island? Because you can – and the because the reviews are great. That was about the motivation roughly why my wife and I opted to have a visit to the place during our trip to Cyprus. Here is my review.



Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is lcoated in a long industrial hall on the very West of Limassol, right next to the (not really relevant for travelers) border to the British part of Cyprus. There is public transport in the area, but the easiest way to reach it is by a car or taxi. Parking lots for visitors are available.

The Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum is opening daily. From Monday to Friday, you can visit it from 9:00 to 17:00. Weekend times are 10:00 to 18:00. Adult admission is 15 Euro.


Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum – The Visit

The Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum opened in 2014. It has been founded by Dimi Mavropoulos, who has a history as a rally racing driver. He had the idea to open a classic car collection already in 2000. The museum is the only automobile museum in Cyprus. Already when you enter the collection in the large industrial hall, you are impressed by the cheer mass of cars which are available in the museum. The cars are also well-documented in Greek and English. If you really dig deep into the collection, you will likely spend hours in Limassol – I at least would recommend to plan with 60 to 90 minutes.

As you already see in the first pictures, the range of classic cars featured is huge. Thereby, the museum features limousines as well as quite a large collection of smaller cars. There are also some motorcycles in the exhibition. The oldest car in stock is a Benz Motorwagen dated as of 1886.

Of course, you typically cannot touch or enter the cars to guarantee their conservation. Quite many cars can still be moved. One of the cars which might make visitors smile is a green Mini, which has originally been used in Mr. Bean movies. However, the museum also features commercial vehicles like buses, firefighter trucks and other major exhibits. Other highlights are an original armored presidential Cadillac or a Rover P5.


Other Exhibits

Apart from cars, the museum also hosts a large number of other collectibles. The scale model car collection is absolutely worth watching. However, there are even non-transport items like a collection of historic typewriters.


Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum – Services

At the reception desk, the museum also runs a souvenir store. As far as I could get they also provide services for historic cars. Quite a bunch of the vehicles can also be rented for special occasions like weddings, including a driver. The staff in the museum was very friendly and helpful.


Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum – My View

In contrast to all the cheap, state-funded museums in Cyprus, the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum might feel rather pricey. However, even if you are not a car enthusiast, this large collection of cars is absolutely entertaining. Exhibits like the Mr. Bean car turn it into a very versatile place, which is definitely worth spending at least an hour in the museum. I absolutely recommend it – even though cars might not be the reason you traveled to Cyprus.


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