Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf

Holiday Inn Express Cologne - Troisdorf

92.15 EUR


4.7/5 Pros

  • Good location
  • Very nice services
  • Free parking Cons

  • Room small (but efficient)

Meeting with friends in Troisdorf between Bonn and Cologne in the evening and relaxing at the Wellnest private spa Bonn the morning thereafter gave my wife and myself a night in the Rheinland region. The Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf is rather close to the home of our friends and thus felt like the perfect choice. Here is my review of our night in March 2024.


Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf – Location

The Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf is located right at the motorway A59. At first sight, the location does not feel being too overwhelming. However, there are two main factors if you travel by car: first of all, the hotel is not too far away from the two major cities. Secondly, there are a lot of good services around. Right next to the hotel, there is a gas station with a shop and a Subway sandwich restaurant as well as a McDonald’s burger provider. Right across the street, there is a nice steak restaurant. Another commercial area on the opposite side of the motorway is adding some nice services. There is a popular pizza place, a Burger King and also an indoor soccer and a bowling arena around. Thus, if you have dates in Cologne, Bonn, Troisdorf or surrounding, there is a comparably nice range of options to enjoy the evening.

Vice versa, the connections by public transport are limited. The hotel is rather a driving place. Troisdorf station is a bit too far away for a walk, you might use bus connections, though. The hotel is operating a secured car park free of charge.


Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf – Room

My wife and I had a one night stay in late March 2024. The flexible rate was 92.15 EUR. Breakfast is always included in this brand. At check-in, we could choose between a twin or a double room and opted for the latter. The room we had is not overwhelmingly large, but the new Holiday Inn Express design concept makes it very efficient. The sofa was maybe a bit too low for the mobile work desk, but I could easily run my computer there for a few hours. There are power sockets and USB ports for charging next to the bed as well. However, the room does not feature a fridge or similar amenities.

The bathroom is compact as well. The bathroom door also serves as the door to the toilet. However, this being next to the glass shower still takes some privacy. There is also limited storage space for your toiletries. The hotel provides basic amenities (soap at the sink, shower gel and shampoo in the shower) by dispensers. If you forgot something, you may get complimentary additional items at the reception though. The housekeeping was great and the room was spotlessly clean.


Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf – Breakfast

Breakfast is complimentary at the hotel. The breakfast area as such is quite large. Nonetheless, it was packed during peak hours during our stay. The buffet area might not feel massive, but they have some quite nice options. Furthermore, we really liked the quality of the food provided. On the warm dish side, there are hard boiled eggs and a pancake machine. Thus, we overall absolutely enjoyed kicking-off the day in the style of the hotel.


Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf – Service

The reception staff was really nice and friendly. The hotel does not run any sports facilities like a gym. I did enjoy the speed and quality of the complimentary WiFi provided.


Holiday Inn Express Cologne – Troisdorf – My View

I really liked staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Troisdorf. The location is ideal for a road trip or business travelers having several meetings in the region. The hotel provides excellent service, based on its class. The room concept compensates the rather small room really nicely. Thus, the IHG hotel definitely deserves a very good rating.


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