Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli

Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli

114.18 EUR


4.5/5 Pros

  • Large, nice rooms
  • Good service
  • Great location Cons

  • Breakfast delays
  • Maintenace issue in room

In order to explore Hamburg and upgrade my contents about the Northern German city, I had a two night stay at the Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli in August 2022. Fun fact is that that the hotel is not only located right next to the Premier Inn Hamburg Millerntor I already introduced you to. The two places also share the management and some facilities like the parking garage. Here is my review.


Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli – Location

In fact, I could just copy and paste this section from its partner hotel – they simply share the same location in practice. Both are located right next to each other and thus at the beginning of the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s famous party and red light district. The underground trains give an excellent connection to the hotel (stop St. Pauli, line U3). The S-Bahn commuter train (station Reeperbahn) is connection to the other end of the party zone. The Millerntor Stadium is just a short walk away.

Even though the borough of St. Pauli was named to be dangerous in past times, it is nowadays operating under stricter rules and very safe. It offers several opportunities to hang out and have a good night, not only in an erotic sense, but also with a lot of live music venue. For example, I covered a concert by Carly Pearce and Sarah Darling at the Gruenspan, which is just a five minute walk from the hotel.


Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli – Room

I had a two night stay in Hamburg at the hotel. The flexible rate for the room in August 2022, Friday to Sunday, was 203.35 EUR. On top of that, there was the breakfast buffet, charged with 12.50 EUR daily (reservation total: 228.35 EUR). The twin room was actually really nice and had a very good size. In general, I really like the modern Premier Inn room design. There are of course no “fancy features” like a fridge or a lot of storage space, but it is a good base for a city trip. There were also some nice design elements, which lead to very welcoming atmosphere. As I like large work desk, the hotel made me smile in that regard as well.

The shower bathroom was just like I guess the Premier Inn wants it to be: functional, clean, reliable. Just what you need. I really liked that. However, there was some issue at the exit from the bathroom to the hallway: the floor was wet. It was definitely no water coming from the shower or similar, as this was independent from the usage of the bathroom. Thus, my guess is the bathroom below. This was a bit of bothering, especially when you wanted to go for a pee break in the night.


Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli – Breakfast

The breakfast room at the Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli is quite a difference to its Millerntor sister, as it is significantly larger. However, there was obviously a lack of staff during my stay, so that I had wait for a table and items here and then. The Premier Inn breakfast is a reliable thing: no thrills, no frills (but overall on the very positive side) – the value for money is definitely fine.


Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli – Service

The staff in the hotel was very kind, check-in and check-out worked out very well. Similar to the hotel next door, the free WiFi is already sufficient for most kinds of usage. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to the Ultimate WiFi (in contrast to British Premier Inns). Parking at the hotel garage cannot be reserved / guaranteed and is 24 EUR per night. Parking space in St. Pauli is limited, but there is also a public parking garage right across the street.


Premier Inn Hamburg St. Pauli – My View

The two sibling hotels in fact share the same location, the same management… and almost the same rating. I was tempted to see this place as very slightly better than the Premier Inn Millerntor, but the maintenance issue (which should definitely be spotted by housekeeping) and breakfast waiting times finally persuaded me to assign a slightly worse rating. However, both hotels are very good budget stays.


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