SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt

SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very interesting overvewi about the scale model company
  • Interactive radio controlled vehicle grounds
  • Nice museum store Cons

  • Not as comprehensive as the peer in Germany

When I introduced you to the Audi & Siku Museum Höing about three years ago, you already saw that the German scale model company SIKU is having an amazing fan base. Thus, it is not that surprisingly that SIKU is having a company museum at their headquarters in Lüdenscheid, Southeast of Dortmund. I had a visit at the SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt ((“SIKU / WIKING Model World”), which is about the company’s two key brands, SIKU and WIKING.


SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt – Location & Admission

The museum is located right next to the headquarters of Sieper GmbH, the company producing SIKU and WIKING. The company has been founded in this location by Richard Sieper in 1921. The postal address is Schlittenbacher Strasse 51A, the museum is rather East of Lüdenscheid. While the walking distance to Lüdenscheid train station is slightly less than 2km, there is a bus stop just around the corner (Bräuckenstrasse, bus 48). There is also some parking in front of the building, which may be a bit of limtied on peak days. The connection to the A46 motorway is very convenient.

The museum is opening from Wednesday to Friday 14:00 to 17:00 and Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 17:00. There are altering times during public and school holidays, though. It took me some 50 minutes to visit the museum. If you are deeply interested into the topic, you should add significant time as well as time for the interactive experiences (see below). Adult admission is 5 Euro.


SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt – The Visit

The tour through the history of SIKU and WIKING features two levels. You should typically start of the ground floor, which does not only feature masses of scale model cars, but also an overview with documents about the Siebel GmbH and its two key brands. A key focus of the museum is on cars and other land vehicles on wheels (like tractors, trucks etc.), but you also run into historic ship and plane models. Key models or groups of models typically come with some (written) documentation. Here and there, there are also dioramas and buildings.

Upper Floor

The majority of the upper floor comes with additional show cases. There are some more special models and development and also some video screens. Advertisement and product placement on scale model cars is another aspect which is focused on in one case of this part of the visit.

A potentially very interesting part of your visit at this factory museum are the interactive radio controlled vehicles. You can rent one of them at the reception desk (for 3 EUR / 30 minutes) and place them in one of the landscapes. Especially daddies with kids feel to love that part of visiting Lüdenscheid – I rather don’t tell you who is typically more enthusiastic.



SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt – Services

What would this place be without a store? Of course, you can take some of the company’s products home with you. The variety of items (which is of course limited to scale models) is quite impressive and still just reflects a fraction of the total company history. There are also some lockers, which are especially convenient if you go for one some fun with a radio-controlled vehicle.


SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt – My View

The SIKU / WIKING Modellwelt is a really iconic place. I grew up with their products – but even if you are not having a German background, this place comes with a lot of potential for a good time. Scale model fans likely take a longer travel to Lüdenscheid – less geeky persons should stop here when they are around. You have to clearly state, though, that the private Siku & Audi-Museum Höing is coming with a significantly more comprehensive collection about the topic.


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