Hotel Marina Wellness & Spa Port Soller

Hotel Marina Port Soller

179.85 EUR (half-board)


4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely location with dining at the promenade
  • Amazing view from the balcony
  • Nice pool area and large parking lot
  • Very kind staff Cons

  • Comparably small rooms
  • Average dinner quality

Port Soller or Port de Soller is named to be one of the most beautiful places on Mallorca. The trip from Palma with the historic train to Soller, followed by the historic tram ride to the harbor borough, is one of the touristic classics on the Balearic island. Thus, for the trip I had with my wife in May 2021, I just felt we have to have a look at this place. Our choice of sleep was the Hotel Marina Wellness & Spa, located right at the harbor front.


Hotel Marina Port Soller – Location

As said, the hotel is located right at the promenade of Port Soller. However, it is a bit of remote, the key touristic area is a few hundred meters away, which I really appreciated. Still, sitting outside in the front of the hotel is lovely and they have a nice little stripe of beach in front of the building. The hotel offers parking in the back of the hotel, which is really spacious (and, by the way, offers a lovely view 😉 ). This is very helpful, as likely many guests arrive there by rental car. Travel time from Palma Airport is roughly 30 minutes at low traffic,

Port Soller is touristic, so you will find anything you need as a traveler there. There is a nice bakery and several bars and restaurants quite close to the hotel. You may need to walk a bit to reach the next supermarket. Soller is connected to Port Soller by the historic tramway.


Hotel Marina Port Soller – Room

We booked the room at a flexible rate with one week cancellation period. The Sea View room half board rate was 179.58 EUR, including occupancy tax.The room had a nice design, but was overall rather small. We had two suitcases, which was already a situation which was tricky to handle in that space. It was also rather tricky to find a space to work properly. I finally went out to the balcony (see below). The room had a safe as well as a fridge, which was very handy during the summer temperature. The place was really clean and very well maintained.

The bathroom was compact as well, but overall absolutely fine and fit for purpose. Again, there was no reason to discuss about housekeeping and cleanliness – the staff there is doing a great job in that regard.

Last, but not least, the smallest space of the room was definitely its highlight: the balcony offered an amazing view of Port Soller and the harbor bay. I absolutely loved to enjoy the view from there. As said above, I finally went out to work there, even though the electric power situation there was not ideal. Lovely! You have to mention that the harbor and beach area is cleaned in the very morning, which may be a bit of noisy… But I feel it is a fair buy-in.


Hotel Marina Port Soller – Breakfast / Food

The hotel has a restaurant and a cafe on street level. The restaurant was used for breakfast and dinner. Both were served as buffet, gloves mandatory. I really liked the wide range of items on the breakfast buffet, which was overall a nice selection. There was a bit of structural trouble, though. For example, during Covid-19 measures, it just did not feel to work out well that people were able to squeeze orange juice on their own with traditional manual tools.

Dinner was a buffet as well. I definitely felt that the breakfast experience was better regarding the dishes offered and their quality. However, we had our dinner outside, right at the promenade. What a lovely way to finish your day! We absolutely loved it. By the way, the prices for drinks during dinner were absolutely reasonable, especially regarding the beautiful location.


Hotel Marina Port Soller – Service

The hotel is calling itself Wellness & Spa – and they indeed offer massages and treatments. There is no gym, but if I got that corrected they are contracted to a gym nearby. There is a nice pool area with a bar facing rear, i.e. towards the parking lot and the mountains. We did not have a swim, but I really loved that place.

The other hotel services were really good. I always feel ashamed if people speak German that well and I don’t know their language too well. The reception staff was super-friendly and always helpful. The WiFi in the hotel worked reasonably well.


Hotel Marina Port Soller – My View

You can’t argue against that the rooms are a bit (too much?) on the small side and that hotel prices in Port de Soller are quite aggressive. Nonetheless, I absolutely loved the night at the Hotel Marina Wellness & Spa. The balcony with the amazing view and having dinner right at the beach just made my time there. The staff is lovely. Yeah, there are things you could improve – but this place definitely creates memories and thus deserves a really good rating. Top Pick! on Mallorca

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