EnjoyNature B&B Hollola (near Lahti, Finland)

EnjoyNature B&B

80 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • Beautiful setting
  • Very nice people
  • Good services Cons

  • Travel in by car in fact necessary

During World Floorball Championships, my demands on accommodation are rather basic: I need a bed, breakfast, a work desk, electrical power and a good internet connection. For the 2024 Under 19 Girls Championships, I really struggled with finding a good hotel. A major one in Lahti was closed due to renovation, another one was rather posh and thus pricey. Thus, I was really happy to run into the EnjoyNature B&B located in Hollola outside the city. Here is the review of my stay.


EnjoyNature B&B- Location

Hollola is a community Northwest of Lahti. Driving distance to the city center of the Finnish city is some 15 minutes, 20 kilometers. The next village is Pyhäniemi. Access to the grounds is a small road in a curve of the main street. Despite a sign at its entrance, you might easily miss it without using a GPS. The bed and breakfast is located in a former retirement home on the countryside. I loved that there are sheep and other animals around. There is a lot of nature around. The place features sufficient parking in the rear of the building there.

At the entrance to the minor road, there is a bus station, Ehtootie, which is served by four bus lines (20, 21A, 57, 58). However, services are limited so that in fact you need a car to get there. There is a small grocery store in Hollola. If you travel in from Lahti, you pass some other options along the way.


EnjoyNature B&B – Room

I had a five night stay at the EnjoyNature B&B. The total rate was 400 EUR, 350 EUR for the stay and 10 EUR per day for the breakfast. I asked the bed and breakfast whether there is a desk in the room before the stay and they were so kind to add a large table to my room, which was really comfortable. The room came with two separate beds, I just used one of them. Overall, I liked the size of the room – I had no issue with storing my luggage and equipment there.


The accessible bathroom was large and comfortable as well. The open show design is sometimes a bit tricky, but the floor dried very quickly with the use of the broom provided. Thus, I really loved it. There are elevator in case you are staying in other floors than ground floor.


EnjoyNature B&B – Breakfast

Breakfast is served in a bistro-alike room on the ground floor. The selection was limited, but really fine. They also added some pastries here and there, which was really delicious. The items were fresh and I always had a good start into the day. Thus, breakfast at the bed & breakfast definitely exceeded my expectations.


EnjoyNature B&B – Service

EnjoyNature B&B provided excellent WiFi. You can also profit from several community facilities. I especially liked to have a kitchen with a common fridge, oven and microwave oven, which was really helpful. There is also a gaming and TV room. I also saw a sauna in their pictures. The garden also features a playground and other facilities.

Check-in is done online. I paid the stay beforehand and got a main door code as well as a link to a first-time code to my room’s door on the day of my arrival. Later, you just needed a shorter code you enter on the touch pad of your room door. This worked very well. You majorly ran into the staff during breakfast and morning time. They were really friendly and helpful.


EnjoyNature B&B – My View

I really loved my stay at EnjoyNature B&B. The distance to the sports arena was still fine and the set-up of the place was perfect for working in the event (in fact, internet was much faster than in the arena). The hosts are really trying to give you a great stay. The automated check-in worked well, too. Thus, I would definitely recommend it and opt for it if I get back to Lahti one day.


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