Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee (Lake Constance)

Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee

11 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • 350 cars, tractors and motorbikes in display
  • Side exhibits about historic country lifestyle
  • Beautiful location

From outside, the Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee (“Car and Tractor Museum”) at Lake Constance looks like a traditional old farm – but in fact, this place hosts a huge exhibition of cars and tractors. I visited it during a trip in summer 2020. Here is my review.



Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee – Location & Admission

The Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee is located at Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, a small village between Meersburg and Überlingen. The exact place is the Weller (borogh) Gebhardsweiler. The place is not right at Lake Constance, but slightly North of it. The museum is located within a an old large farm house, which also hosts a restaurant. You likely visit the museum by car (if you are not cycling around Lake Constance), the public transport situation to this place is rather limited. There are major parking lots and garages.

During most of the year, the museum is opening daily from 9:30 to 17:30 hrs. In some of the winter months, they do not open on Mondays and reduce the times to 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. Adult admission is 11 Euro.


Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee – The Visit

The museum is quite new, it opened in 2013. The exhibition space is some 10,000 square meters. The museum owns some 200 tractors. However, they also show the cars from the former Fritz B. Busch Car Museum (Automuseum Fritz B. Busch, see below). The museum is a private initiative.


Lower Floor

From the entrance, you head straight into the basement area of the farm building, where the major part of the tractor exhibition is located. If you follow the signed route, you roughly see the history of tractors in chronological order. Thereby, the museum shows some 200 tractors, including some very rare and early vehicles. However, this section called Leben auf dem Lande (“Living on the countryside”) feels much more massive, as there are a lot of items about country life as well. Some of them are fully equipped historic workshops or places like an historic school.


Upper Floor

On upper floor level, you rather have a look into the 150 cars and motorbike collection of the German automobile journalist Fritz Bob Busch, who died in 2010. His daughter could not keep on driving the museum and sold the collection to this museum. By the way, the original location of the Busch Collection is now hosting the Automuseum Wolfegg. The museum shows a great set of cars and bikes. Again, there are also a lot of exhibits about life during these decades, even though the upper level part of the museum does not feel as rich as the tractor level.


Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee – Service

You are that car-motionalized after this visit, so that you just have to buy some souvenirs, some books or scale models. That’s at least what the museum thinks about you and your visit – and they give you a really nice store at the end of the visit. Hard to stand the offers. If you do so, you can relax at a beer garden at the same building.


Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee – My View

This museum is an absolutely massive place. I did not know too much about it when I chose to go there – but finally, I have been overwhelmed by all the exhibits. Needless to say that I completely blew my schedule for that day, as I just did not expect to spend so much time in the two levels of the museum. Even for a rather quick visit, I would at least recommend two hours. If you are a technical museum buff – or enjoy the historic displays of everyday life items a lot – I would definitely add extra time. The place is definitely worth the investment – Top Pick!.


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