Schloss Burg – a Gem in Bergisches Land

Schloss Burg

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4.5/5 Pros

  • Lovely medieval castle and village in Bergisches Land
  • Very intesting shops and nice coffee breaks
  • Excellent "Bergisches Museum"
  • Nice view from the castle tower Cons

  • Parking situation on the weekend

Schloss Burg is just about half an hour away by car from my home town Cologne. The castle on the top of a small mountain has been used since the 12th century. Several noble families resided in the place. Nowadays, it is a very common place for a short visit, especially on weekends or during the Christmas season, when Schloss Burg is hosting a historic style Christmas market. In this posting, I take you to the village of Schloss Burg and its museum.



Schloss Burg – Location & Access

Schloss Burg is the medieval castle in Burg an der Wupper, a Southeastern borough of the city of Solingen. It is just a short drive away from the A1 autobahn / motorway, Wermelskirchen exit. There are infrequent bus connections, if you want to reach the village by public. It is however more convenient to use a car.

The only limitation of you drive to Schloss Burg is the parking situation. There are some major parking lots around the medieval center – these may be very packed especially during the weeken, though. A very stylish way to approach Schloss Burg is to park in the valley at the river Wupper and then take the cable car, which is connecting right into the historic district. The adult one-way is three Euro, adult return five Euro. The cable car is not accessible for mobility reduced visitors – you still need to take some 40 steps on your uphill trip.

The Bergisches Museum (see below) is opening in summer Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs, Monday from 13:00. In winter, times are 10:00 to 16:00, Tuesday to Friday and 10:00 to 17:00 on the weekend, Mondays closed. Adult admission is six Euro.


Schloss Burg – The Village

Schloss Burg is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the Cologne region. It welcomes some 250,00 visitors per day. The key reason is a stroll through the medieval village, which is also featuring the classic architecture of the Bergisches Land region, the slated roofs. There are also a lot of cafes and restaurants. Apart from lunch and dinner, people especially visit Schloss Burg for a coffee break. The two main dishes are the Bergisch waffles and the rich Bergische Kaffeetafel (“Bergisches Land coffee meal”), which I will introduce to you one day Covid-19 is majorly succeeded.

Another key reason to visit Schloss Burg is shopping. There are also traditional food shops (like Met / mead or fruit wines), but also ceramics and other handcraft items. It is a really beautiful place with some surprising stuff if you go there for a visit.


Schloss Burg – Bergisches Museum

Unfortunately, quite a few people feel to visit the Bergisches Museum, which is located inside the historic castle. The castle is well preserved, so that already walking through the courtyard is a really nice experience.

When you enter the castle (which you do on a rountrip walk), you first reach the grand rooms, which have been built by the County of Berg and used by their successors thereafter. The rooms are not as splendid as in locations like Neuschwanstein or Versaille, but it is definitely impressive.

From there, you enter the main exhibition of the museum, which is giving you a lot of local history.I liked the illustrations and models how the castle developed over time and how life in and around Schloss Burg was developing over the centuries. The set of exhibits is surprisingly large, so that the full visit easily can easily last 90 minutes to two hours.

After this section, you walk along the walls of the fortification towards the tower of Schloss Burg. This section gives you more exhibits, but also the opportunity to climb up the tower and enjoy the lovely view of the city and the region.


Schloss Burg – My View

I really enjoy visiting Schloss Burg. Of course, the Christmas Market is magical in winter time, but it is a lovely place in summer as well. If you can avoid the weekend traffic (especially on Sundays), it is even better. Don’t forget to visit the museum as well and have a Bergische Kaffeetafel, especially if you are really hungry. The place is really a gem.


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