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Stuttgart Pig Museum



4.8/5 Pros

  • Amazing idea
  • Really well done and informative
  • Huge collection of items

A museum about pigs? Indeed, that’s something you can do when you are in Stuttgart. Interestingly, the former slaughterhouse is featuring a museum, which is not only looking at sausage and Schnitzel, but majorly on the impact of the animal to (mainly: European) culture. I love obscure places – and this is why I tell you whether you should go to the Stuttgart Pig Museum (SchweineMuseum) or not.


Stuttgart Pig Museum – Location & Admission

The Stuttgart Pig Museum is located right South of the River Neckar at in the borough of Gaisburg. The easiest way to access the museum as a stranger is the public transport stop Schlachthof. It is served by buses (line 45) and underground train / tram (U9). There are also parking lots next to the building, which features the museum and the restaurant in the same building.

The museum is opening daily from 11:00 to 17:00 hrs. The restaurant comes with different times and is also open on evening hours. The museum is closed on Mondays. The adult ticket is 6.90 EUR. The museum also features some outdoor exhibits which are displayed at a small square in front of the museum. Likely, the most eye-catching one is a tram colored and designed according to a pig.


Stuttgart Pig Museum – The Visit

Starting with the key facts about the Stuttgart Pig Museum: This place feels to come with countless items in display. The museum states that there are over 50,000 exhibits. Most of the documentation is bilingual, German and English. You typically start at the lower of two exhibition floors. The museum really gives a wide range of aspects of pigs and pork in culture – and nutrition. The first rooms you visit make you learn about the different breeds of pig, but also about boar hunting and how the meat is used and processed at the butcher.

So far, this might somehow what you initially think of in regards of pork and culture (or, at least, nutrition). The close relation we have to this animal, not only in European culture, is illustrated in the next rooms. Everyday items in pig design, books, which have the animal in focus or as a main character, but also big quotes and big metaphors are shown in the museum. For example, the Stuttgart place refers to the Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar or quotes like the Lucky pig. One room is solely showing board games which are branded in regards of the big-nosed animal.

And then, there is Kitsch

Especially on upper level m there is a lot of kitsch and rather less useful items. You might argue that a pig-shaped money bank or a pig a plush toy is useful. However, by displaying thousands of items, the museum illustrates how massively spread and used these pink guys are used in our culture. One of the impressive highlights of the visit is a massive pyramid of plush pigs. Finding the pig-related class of items which attracts you most may though be very individual. If you want to have a quick visit of the museum, I would suggest to plan for an hour. If you are addicted to the focus of the museum, better go for three hours or even more.


Stuttgart Pig Museum – Schlachthof Restaurant

The former slaughterhouse is nowdays a nice traditional and down-to-Earth restaurant. I had a lovely lunch on that place.


Stuttgart Pig Museum – Services

There is a small pig-related gift shop right at the entrance / cashier spot on ground level.


Stuttgart Pig Museum – My View

The Stuttgart Pig Museum is unique. It feels a bit of weird at the very beginning of your visit, but the more you are into it, the more you see how well-driven and thought of this place is. They really give a great overview of how this animal influenced culture worldwide – and they do it in an entertaining way. The collection of items is outstanding. I absolutely love it – one of these hidden gem place I am so happy to explore when I travel with


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