ME Hotel Dubai

ME by Melia Dubai

985 AED


4.5/5 Pros

  • Breathtaking architecture
  • Large room and amazing bathroom
  • Great staff
  • Amazing breakfast Cons

  • WiFi issues
  • Work desk too small

Even though I have a (low) status at Melia Hotels, my experience with the brand is rather mixed. The more, I was looking forward to step foot into one of their poshest options out there, the ME by Melia Hotel Dubai, which is located in the lower floors of the fancy Opus building designed by the architect Zaha Hadid. My wife and I had two nights in the hotel in early November 2021. Here is my review.


ME Dubai – Location & Transport

The hotel is located in the Business Bay area, Southwest of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The location is thus also close to the E11 Sheikh-Zayed Road. The connection to the metro is rather average, though, so that I would recommend to have a car while staying there or trust the cheap taxi services. Walking to the Southern edge of Burj Khalifa Lake from the ME is possible, depending on the weather. The building is also having office and residential sections. It felt to me that Opus residents may use certain facilities like the pool as well (not verified). Entering the hotel is only possible from the Northern side of the building.

There are a lot of touristic services around. First of all, there are multiple hotels. Across the road of the hotel is a small mall. Of course, the area features key attractions like the Burj Khalifa with its famous view and a lovely afternoon tea option, the Dubai Mall or the new Dubai Opera.


ME Dubai – Atmosphere

When you enter the ME Dubai Hotel, the design of the lobby is simply breathtaking. The curved design of the different levels is absolutely characteristic and fascinating. It is also cool to see the light through the windows at the top. The posh design continues in the rooms, so that you really feel a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere while staying at the ME.


ME Dubai – The Room

We had a two night stay in November 2021 in the ME Hotel. The room category booked (and received) was the lowest available, the so-called Aura room, which still features 47 sqm of space, according to the hotel website. The total price including breakfast, was 1970 AED, roughly 475 Euro, at a refundable rate. Our room was on the third floor. The rooms are arranged in small floors around the main hall, which gives a nice additional privacy. One of the first striking features of the room is its sheer height – on one of the pictures below, you see my wife standing right in front of the door – no optical illusion.

Right at the entrance, there was a large dressing room, which easily fitted our three suitcases, from there, you entered the living and sleeping area. Honestly, this one was a bit of compact compared to the large dimensions of the remaining room. The large windows at the front were cool, though and the bed was really large and cozy. I did not like the small niche they put next to the TV and bar as a work space. It felt really a bit too small – I typically nowadays work with two notebooks in parallel and was not able to have one next to the other. The bar area was amazing, though – feels like this was one of the few hotels I ever had, which had a cocktail shaker in room.

The bathroom was amazing. The separate bathtub was really nice and large, the sink was quite fancy, but could have come with some more space for your toiletry items. Next to it was an amazing and large shower as well as the toilet. Very nice amenities were provided by the ME Hotel.

Last, but not least, the room had view to the Burj Khalifa – which may be a bit of difficult to spot on the pictures below. You have to say though, that the area is also attracting quite many people who identify themselves too strongly by their cars – which also means that around the Arabian weekend, it is a bit of loud in the room.


ME Dubai – Breakfast

Breakfast was served from the breakfast menu of the restaurant. You could have as many items from there as you like. The atmosphere of the restaurant is really nice and the dishes were great. During the waiting time, you were served some bread, preserves, yoghurt and fruit. My wife and I had Eggs Benedict the first day, which was really good. I had a yogurt with granola, while my wife added a lovely acai bowl. The second day, I went for the vanilla pancake, which they called “The Burj Khalifa”. Incredible one, four pancakes were just too much to manage to eat. The classic English breakfast and some fruit were definitely the leaner option. While I felt that the pancakes are maybe a bit too much, the breakfast performance as such was outstanding.


ME Dubai – Sports

The hotel offers a gym and pool area at its rear side. We really enjoyed the pool area, which had a very relaxed atmosphere (at least during the Arabian workdays). The pool is not very large, but sufficient for a swim and to relax. The pool service was very friendly as well. There is also a pool bar / restaurant at the end of the pool side.

The same area also features a nice gym, the dressing rooms also include saunas if you haven’t had enough sweat in Dubai yet. On the upper level, there is a dedicated spa area.


ME Dubai – Service

The service in the hotel was absolutely great. Unfortunately, they had internet / WiFi problems during our stay, which lead to connection failures here and there on the WiFi side, but especially to TV reception issues on the second day. At working performance, the in-room WiFi was really nice, though. What we really liked was that at check-out, the receptionist again excused for the internet issues.


ME Dubai – My View

The ME by Melia Dubai is an excellent place. We definitely enjoyed the stay there. It would have been close to a perfect stay, if there weren’t the too narrow work area in the room and the WiFi issues we had over the whole stay. Nonetheless, it is a memorable experience to stay at the ME – we definitely think about going back there (even though I rather prefer the quieter parts of Dubai). about Business Class & More

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