Museum of Miniature (Ordino, Andorra)

Museum of Miniature

10 EUR


4.7/5 Pros

  • Amazing collection of items
  • Very kind staff

If you visit frequently, you typically don’t get into contact with arts too often. However, when I recently visited Andorra in November 2022, I visited an amazing place I just had to share with you. The town of Ordino is hosting the Museum of Miniature (no plural!) or Museo de la Miniatura, one of the most special attractions in the small country. Here is my review.


Museum of Miniature – Location & Admission

The museum is located in the heart of Ordino. There is a public parking lot right on top of the museum building – but there are also some other options around. During my short stay in Andorra, I did not make myself familiar with the public transport options, so that I cannot tell you these kind of options.

During my visit, the museum opened daily from 09:30 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 19:00 hrs. There is no Sunday afternoon opening. Generally, the admission is 10 Euro, but I paid a slightly reduced price due to a special discount time.


Museum of Miniature – The Visit

You enter the museum from street level. However, the exhibition as such is upstairs. The documentation is given in several languages. Additional information is given by the wonderful staff, who introduced me to the collection and also made me watch the documentation videos they provide – which I absolutely recommend. The museum is by the way a private collection by Nikolai Siadristyi, who is some sort of superstar in the miniature art collection.

The museum features a wide range of exhibits. Anything you see on the pictures is hand-painted. When you enter the museum, the first exhibits are rather religious and for example include traditionally painted Easter eggs and icons.The museum also features a couple of babushka dolls, which fascinate with a great level of detail. The museum also features items like tiny hand-written books and similar pieces creates with incredible precision.

However, the really fascinating part of the museum is in the rather remote part of the exhibition space. They feature extremely small exhibits, all hand-painted or hand-created. For example, you find the world smallest autograph (on a hair) or small sculptures put into the head of a needle. You cannot explore these exhibits with your own eyes, but need to use the magnifiers provided by the museum. Luckily, it somehow works to take some pictures through these lenses to at least give you a bit of an impression – finally, you just have to visit the place on your own. Another amazing part of the Museum of Miniature are small glass bottles, which have been painted from their inside. Some show celebrities or cultural scenes, some others take you to famous parts of Andorra.



Museum of Miniature – Services

The museum is driving a souvenir store on the lower level, next to the cashier and entrance.


Museum of Miniature – My View

Visiting the Museum of Miniature was truly a highlight of my visit to Andorra. The items are fascinating, the staff is great. Bad luck that the place is a bit of hidden, but you should definitely go for this detour once you visit the Pyrenees.


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