B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad

B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad

64.50 EUR


4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice staff
  • Solid, reliable service
  • Large complimentary parking lot Cons

  • Late night automatic check-in not working

As I knew it would be rather late after I visited the TSV Erlensee Floorball Bundesliga home matches vs. Dümptener Füchse (women) and TSV Calw Lions (men), I decided to check in into a hotel in the region. A very competitive price finally lead me to B&B Hotels. I did have a night at their outlet in Aschaffenburg a couple of years before the February 2024 stay. While my feelings there have been mixed, I was really looking forward to the stay at the B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad.


B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad – Location

Niederrad is a borough of Frankfurt, South of the city and not that far away from Frankfurt Airport (FRA). I stayed in the DoubleTree by Hilton Frankfurt Niederrad a few times, which is just a couple of blocks away. However, the Hilton outlet is a bit better located to the tram (Bürostadt Niederrad, lines 12 and 19), which offers a direct connection to city center. Even though the hotel is located right next to the A5 motorway, it is a few kilometers drive after you left it at Frankfurt Niederrad exit. Due to the proximity to Frankfurter Kreuz junction, you also quickly reach the motorways towards Cologne or Munich.

Thus, the most typical way to get to the B&B Frankfurt-Niederrad is likely by car. It is very convenient that the hotel has a rather large parking lot, which is complementary for guests. As the area is very commercial with many offices and hotels around, this is very helpful. A small mall with a grocery store is about one kilometer away from the hotel. While the area does have some services, these majorly depend on the offices around and may be closed on the weekend. Please be aware that just 200 meters South of the hotel is another outlet of the chain, the B&B Hotel Frankfurt Airport. This may lead to confusion.


B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad – Room

I had a one night stay at the B&B Frankfurt-Niederrad, from Saturday to Sunday in February 2024. My rate had a three day cancellation period. The standard room rate was 54 EUR, plus a 10.50 EUR fee for the breakfast. The room came with a reasonable size. I liked that there was a large range and distribution of power outlets. The work desk is rather large as well. The cylindric stool-alike seat for it might be a bit of bothering if you stay in the hotel for multiple nights. Unfortunately, you cannot use the lovely breakfast lobby (see below) for working. The room comes with air conditioning, which was blocked in winter. Unfortunately, I also did not make it to turn it into heating mode.

The bathroom was in line with the B&B style. functional, reasonable design which is fulfilling your needs. There is also sufficient space for your toiletries. The housekeeping in the hotel was really good at my stay, so that the place was spotlessly clean.


B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad – Breakfast

The nominal price of the B&B breakfast in Frankfurt has been 10.50 EUR at the time of my visit. The selection of the items is reasonable. There are no warm dishes apart from hard boiled eggs. The quality of the food is really good though. There are plenty of organic food options. I overall had a very good morgen meal with the B&B. While the breakfast room felt rather large the buffet working with several levels is a bit too compact – you very often block other guests (or: you are blocked by them) when you want to grab some stuff.


B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad – Service

The B&B concept is to concentrate on the services which the guest really needs for a good overnight – thus, you do not find a gym or similar amenities in the hotel. The WiFi, though, worked very nicely. The reception staff was very friendly as well. However, while the website states that the check-in machines are available, you do have to call the hotel during check-in times in case you arrive after 22:00. At that time, the desk is closing. I got that information just two days before arrival and thus after the cancellation period, which I felt too late.


B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Niederrad – My View

I really had a nice stay at the B&B Frankfurt-Niederrad. The free parking turns the hotel into a convenient location if you are travelling, especially by car. The hotel is likely not a good location if you use public transport, though. I feel that the missing possibility to use machine check-in and the late notice on that is unfortunate, though. Imagine if you arrive late from an intercontinental flight or similar situations.


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