Krakow Airport (KRK) Business Lounge

Krakow Airport (KRK) Business Lounge



4.7/5 Pros

  • Massive improvement to former lounge
  • Nice two level design with different areas
  • Good services
  • Very good drink options Cons

  • Limited food options

As far as I had in mind, there used to be two business lounges at Krakow Airport (KRK). The more I was surprised that there was only one of these facilities, when I flew with Air France and KLM from the Polish city to Dusseldorf (DUS). It feels like the airport has renovated and merged its operations. The result is its new business lounge. Here is my review.



Krakow Airport Business Lounge – Location & Access

The Krakow Airport Business Lounge is located at the very end of the terminal building, close to the gates 1 and 2. The directions after security are very transparent.

The airport-driven lounge is practically serving all airlines, who offer lounge access. The lounge is located in the Schengen section of the airport, but it is also contracted to Non-Schengen services like the flyDubai connection to Dubai (DXB) or British Airways services. In addition, the lounge accepts all major lounge passes like Dragon Pass, LoungeKey or the Priority Pass. Last, but not least, you may buy in into the lounge for a fee of 180 PLN, roughly 40 Euro.


Krakow Airport Business Lounge – Atmosphere

One of the comparably characteristics of the Krakow Airport Business Lounge is that it is in fact spread over two levels. You access the lounge on the upper level. Apart from the check-on desk, there are some basic chairs and tables with a drink service and some work desks on barstool chairs. There is a sufficient number of (Polish style) power sockets as well as USB ports to run or charge your devices.

You reach the lower floor either by elevator or stairs. From a hallway-alike room. which features some seats and a book exchange area, you may either head to the quiet relax zone or the Catering area. Unfortunately, the latter one also comes with limited potential to work – the tables and chairs are a bit too low, even for having a bite. The relax area also has some spots with increased privacy. Especially regarding the size of Krakow Airport (KRK), this range of different areas and options to hang out is absolutely amazing in my point of view. During my visit, the atmosphere was very relaxed. The size of the lounge also allows to have a good time at more crowded times, I feel.


Krakow Airport Business Lounge – Food & Drink

I visited the lounge on a later Sunday morning, so that there was still a mixture of breakfast and snack service. Just when I was about to leave for my flight, they changed catering. Overall, I especially liked the presentation of food in the lounge. The range of dishes available, especially in regards of hot food, is not comparable to lounges at major airports, but I felt it is fine. The range of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, definitely rather exceeded my expectations. Especially for soft drinks and bottled beers, the lounge features huge fridges.


Krakow Airport Business Lounge – Services

The lounge features own toilets (including those for mobility reduced passengers. Interestingly, the male toilets shared the urinal with the normal toilet in one cabin. The WiFi worked out very well. The reception staff was very friendly and the service of the buffet worked very effectively.


Krakow Airport Business Lounge – My View

Wow! I still remember the old lounge at Krakow Airport (KRK), which I visited a few years ago – and which was close to a nightmare. The airport did an amazing upgrade and also opted for a very wise design with different rooms and areas. The food could offer more options – but, still, this lounge definitely exceeds my expectations for this size of an airport. Very nice one!


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