Saga Lounge Kefklavik (KEF)

Saga Lounge Keflavik KEF



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very nice style with different areas
  • Good WiFi / power outlet coverage
  • Good dining during Covid-19 times

In August 2021, I finally visited a place which has been hidden from me for so long. I had so many flights from Keflavik Airport (KEF), but never made it to the Saga Lounge at the airport. The reason: either, I had a flight, which did not qualify, or I had a short US-to-Europe connection at the Icelandic international airport… Or my flight just out of operation hours of the lounge. An afternoon flight to Frankfurt (FRA) in Icelandair Saga Premium Class (Business Class) finally made me have a look into the Saga Lounge, the world’s only lounge operated by Icelandair. Here is my review.


Saga Lounge Keflavik (KEF) – Location & Access

The lounge is located at the end of the A gates, right where you either enter passport control to the US (and UK) flights or head on to the C Gates.  Coming from the shopping area, you head up stairs (or the escalator) to the upper level, where the lounge is located. You may, of course, also take an elevator. 

The lower picture shows the list of all possibilities to access the lounge. One funny thing is that qualifying Icelandair guests either cannot bring a guest at all or have to pay a fee, while other airlines like British Airways and Lufthansa allow their status customers to have company. All major airlines do give you opportunity to use Saga Lounge – as the lounge is only opening doors from 5:00 to 17:00 hrs, though, most flights operated by Lufthansa (which are serviced during night hours) only theoretically qualify for this access. A very popular way to access the lounge are Icelandic credit cards as well. The lounge may be extremely busy during the times when Icelandair flights depart, in the morning and in the earlier afternoon hours – while other times are rather relaxed.


Saga Lounge Keflavik (KEF) – Atmosphere

The first area you enter after passing the reception is the catering. Overall, there are multiple different seating areas, for example high chair and bistro seating for having a snack, cozy seats to relax and even some places to lay down and have a short nap. Thereby, there are a lot of references to the Icelandic nature – they even have a huge artificial lava rock. Most of the seats feature power outlets. There is also a cute area for the younger lounge visitors, you can ride on plush animals. The lounge features a lot of large glass windows, so that it feels very sunny and friendly on the one hand and also allows to watch the traffic from this elevated position.


Saga Lounge Keflavik (KEF) – Eat & Drink

Icelandair states that the selection of dishes offered was limited during my visit at the Saga Lounge Keflavik, but I felt absolutely pleased with the selection they offered. There was no warm food, but some quiche, salads, a lot of salmon, cheese and some nuts. A separate area featured different cakes. Apart from a coffee machine, there was a nice selection of drinks from the large fridges. I would have loved to try (and maybe some some ISK later…) some Icelandic gin. The bar selection, however, was absolutely fine in my point of view.


Saga Lounge Keflavik (KEF) – Service

The welcoming to the lounge was nice and overall, the service in the lounge was really fine during my visit. The WiFi in the whole airport is really good, so that I did not have any issues working in the Saga Lounge in Keflavik.


Saga Lounge Keflavik (KEF) – My View

There are, of course, strong peak times at Saga Lounge, where the place is not too cozy. Nonetheless, I feel that Saga Lounge is one of the best business class lounges I visited during my trips. The lounge is spacious, features different areas and the catering was fine, at least regarding the Covid-19 situation. Bad luck that the next trip to Iceland will have night flights again – would definitely love to be back at this place. Definitely a lounge review with a Top Pick! rating.


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