Bellver Castle & Palma Municipal Museum



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great views of Palma
  • Very interesting museum
  • Very nice value for money

Bellver Castle – or Castell de Bellver – is one of the most iconic places of Palma de Mallorca. The castle on a hill offers beautiful views of the city. In addition, it hosts the Palma Municipal Museum. During a stay in summer 2021, my wife and I had a visit to the beautiful place.


Bellver Castle – Location & Admission

Castell de Bellver is located on a hill West of the city center. The easiest way to get there is by car, either taxi or rental car. There is a parking lot next to the castle on the hill. The touristic bus route 50 stops at the castle. If you want to go for the “normal” public transport, you can take one of the bus lines 4, 20, 46 or 47 to the El Terreno district and then take a walking route up the hill.

In the main season between April and September, the castle area is open from 10:00 to 19:00 hrs, Tuesday to Saturday, and 10:00 to 15:00 hrs on Sundays and public holidays. In the off-season months, the castle closes at 18:00 hrs instead of 19:00 hrs. The castle is generally closed, but that, of course, does not apply to the hill and the parking lot, which may still provide beautiful views. The adult admission is four Euro. During our visit, the staff prepared the castle for a show. Due to the slightly limited access to the castle and the museum, we even had free admission.


Bellver Castle – The Castle

The castle is a Gothic-style building,w hich has been built in 1311. It’s original inhabitant has been King James II of Mallorca. Bellver Castle has, however, been used for other reasons as well, including being a prison.The building is circular with round towers. One of the former gates is now hosting the reception and cashier. While it does not look too fascinating in my point of view from outside (I feel…), the patio is a real beauty. There are several statues around this interior square. Some others are in display in additional showrooms.

Apart from visiting the patio, walking on top of the castle and enjoying the view from there is definitely a highlight of your visit a well. You already have some quiet nice views from the parking lot – but being on top of the castle is definitely memorable. I absolutely loved it.


Palma Municipal Museum

The rooms of Bellver Castle host the Palma Municipal Museum. It is included in the admission price. In an about 30 minute visit, you learn how the Mallorca capital has grown and developed over time. As the museum is not only documented in Spanish and Catalan / Mallorquin, it is also a good and educating visit for tourists. The exhibition is split into chronological sections. Especially for the early Palma ages, there are a quite some artifacts to illustrate the development. I really enjoyed this part. One very interesting part of the museum is by the way how the plans improved and grew to promote tourism in Palma and on the island.


Bellver Castle – Services

There are services like a visior center with a cafe close to the parking lot. During our visit, it has been closed due to Covid-19.


Views from Bellver Castle Hill

Even if you really don’t want to visit the castle (which is a terrible mistake, I feel), it is still absolutely worth to drive or walk up the hill and enjoy the lovely view over the Palma Bay. You especially have a great look at the Cathedral, the harbor and adjacent areas.

However, the view from the castle is even more iconic. Here are my impressions in the Pictured Stories picture size.


Bellver Castle – My View

You are going to visit Mallorca? Your stay is not too far away from the capital and you want to do more than lying in the sun and waiting for the next sunburn? Then Bellver Castle should be on your bucket list for the Balearic Island. The architecture of the castle might not be able to keep up with the iconic palace or Palma Cathedral – but the views from up there are great and the Palma Municipal Museum is really inspiring. I definitely recommend a visit.


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