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Sixt Leverkusen



4.6/5 Pros

  • Good location of the office and good connections
  • Very good staff at the office
  • Very good car condition Cons

  • Car low on oil

My trip to the handball matches at the EHF Euro 2024 preliminary round matches in Berlin did not feel being a lucky experience. Just a few days before we were up to head towards the Mercedes-Benz Arena, one of the two German rail engine drivers’ unions announced a strike – so that we had to switch from a cozy train ride to road trip. The travel time from my residence Leverkusen near Cologne to the German capital is some six hours, plus any supplement for potential congestion. Thus, I did not feel like using my own car and went for a rental instead. A good opportunity to check out the local Sixt dealer.


Sixt Leverkusen – The Rental

I had a three day rental, Friday early morning (7:00) to Monday morning the same time in January 2024. There were train strikes announced for that weekend, so that we were really lucky with the rate. We booked an Intermediate Limousine. Typical cars for that class (ILAR) is a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. As my Lufthansa Senator status gives me special rates as well as a platinum status, so that we got a massive upgrade to an Audi A6 Avant. The car was a diesel (which leads to lower fuel prices in Germany) as well.  The total rental, including liability reduction and unlimited mileage; was 186.31 EUR.


Sixt Leverkusen – Location & Office

It is fact that the chemical and pharma giant Bayer is actually the largest company and employer in Leverkusen. A lot of infrastructural developments also depend on the faith of that company and its subsidiaries. Thus, it is not that surprisingly that the Sixt office is right across the street from one of the main entrance gates to the huge company grounds officially named Chempark. The same building hosts a basic restaurant and a small shop with a post office – two additional services which likely would not exist without Bayer.

Despite the location feels rather remote when you look at the map (and it is indeed quite a distance from regional rail services, for example), it is overall rather handy to get there. The rationale is that several bus lines service the Bayer company grounds as well – and quite a few also use the bus stop Chempark Tor 1 right at that main gate. The opening times of Sixt Leverkusen are really handy as well. Monday to Friday, they operate from 6:00 to 20:00 Saturday 6:00 to 14:00 – and there is even a Sunday opening from 8:00 until noon.


Sixt Leverkusen – Receiving The Car

Receiving the car was absolutely smooth and easy. I was very happy about the significant upgrade I got. Getting the keys at most took some three minutes and thus definitely less time then walking around the building where Sixt runs their own parking lot, and setting up the car. I was very pleased with the office here – finally, my experience was very much in line with good Sixt rentals.


Sixt Leverkusen – Returning The Car

I could have returned the car on the very early Monday morning as well – but I finally opted to return it on Sunday evening already. There was plenty of space on the parking lot. After re-checking the car, I returned the keys to a key safe on the front side of the Sixt office. The return was finally booked and confirmed on Monday morning. The final invoice took some three days to be completed.


The Car – Audi A6 Avant

The Audi A6 Avant was of course a very comfortable option for the rather long trip from Leverkusen to Berlin and back. Despite a rather low mileage, the car did have a couple of scars already. However, there were no major issues, I just spotted very few of them when I checked the car in the Friday morning darkness and read about them in the rental protocol sent by mail later. Unfortunately, after some 50km, the car claimed that it was running low on oil. This is obviously unfortunate, but I would not blame Sixt for it. I just grabbed some oil at a service station as there was no Sixt office, which we could conveniently make use of on that part of the trip. The car came with GPS navigation, which was very handy.


Sixt Leverkusen – My View

The rental with Sixt in Leverkusen has indeed been a smooth experience. The car was in great condition, the oil issue just leads to a very minor impact on the overall rating. The services were accurate and very efficient. Especially regarding that this one is a city / company location, I really appreciated the long opening times of their office as well.


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