Mythos Mozart (Vienna)

Mythos Mozart

19 EUR


4.4/5 Pros

  • Very modern approach to approach Mozart
  • Great location and good service
  • Very atmospheric

Vienna is full of places with references to composers and musicians. Big names like Beethoven spent time of their life their. The most famous and popular Vienna classical artist very likely, however, is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The exhibition Mythos Mozart praises him in a very special and unique way. I had a visit in June 2024 and share my experience.


Mythos Mozart – Location & Admission

Mythos Mozart is located in the basement of the Steffl department story, which is just a few steps away from Stephansdom in the heart of the city. Due to elevators and escalators (in the department store itself), the access is barrier-free. The next subway station is Stephansplatz, which is served by underground lines U1 and U2.

Mythos Mozart opens on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 to 20:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, doors close at 18:00 already. You can book a timeslot in advance. During my visit, this was, however, not necessary, I got assigned to the one right next. As the tour takes roughly 50 minutes, the last timeslot is one hour before closing. Adlt admission is 19 Euro. I used a Vienna Pass for the visit.


Mythos Mozart – The Visit

The concept of Mythos Mozart is an immersive experience in five rooms. You stay in each room for some ten minutes, before you walk on to the next one. The first one deals with the death of the composer. You are in a room full of (electric) candles, listening to his Requiem. Some screens display corresponding scenes. You can either walk along the paths in the rather spacious room or sit down on one of the benches and feel the atmosphere.

The next room is less depressing. It shows the Vienna during the Mozart times. The L-shaped room initially feels a bit of boring, but the show finally turns out to be very entertaining, also including references to the work of the composer. The third room is very interesting. There is a screen and an orchestra plays one of Mozart’s most well-known works, Eine kleine Nachtmusik. On interactive screens, you may add rather (for that kind of music) unusual instruments like exotic percussion or bagpipes. As soon as visitors dare to use the interactive screens, it is really fun. Before you leave, there is also an interesting reference to the Amadeus movie. I don’t tell you too much about that, though.


Interesting use of Modern Technology on Mozart

The last two rooms are quite interesting as well. There are lights all throughout the room, as well as a few screens. The room is featuring the Zauberflöte (Magical Flute). More and more, visitors understand that the lights to not only act to the music like synapses in Mozart brains, but that they can influence the illumination at certain touch points. This leads to a very interesting and unusual interaction with the music by the Salzburg-born artist.

Finally, you get to a (nowadays rather typical) immersive experience. Ai-generated information leads to a some ten minute show with Mozart music and different kinds on three walls and the ground. If you walk around (this may make you dizzy), sit down on the floor or on one of the benches at the edge of the room – it is up to you how you digest it. I felt that the room is really fascinating and intense.


Mythos Mozart – Services

The staff at Mythos Mozart was extremely friendly and helpful. There is also a guide, which you may use during the visit, WiFi is provided by the department store. Around the reception desk, there is also a really nice souvenir store. Some item are quite posh (and thus: expansive) though. You are requested to lock bags and similar item during the visit. Free lockers are provided in this area as well.


Mythos Mozart – My View

I really enjoyed the visit at Mythos Mozart. The admission is comparably high, but I feel it is worth the money. The exhibition delivers five impressing memories and a very different way of interacting with the music of Mozart.


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