Museum of The Story of Alfa Romeo

Museum of the Story of Alfa Romeo

12 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • Full overview of the history of Alfa
  • Great design and presentation
  • Comparably complete set of cars Cons

  • No negative parts of Alfa history (e.g. WW2 or major car crashes)

Even though people might initially think about Lamborghini and Ferrari when it comes to Italian sports car, Alfa Romeo is definitely an important player in that market. After I visited the two factory museums of Ferrari in Maranello and in Modena as well as the unofficial Lamborghini one, MUDETEC, it is not too surprising that I also take you on a trip and a review of the Alfa Romeo Museum. The full name in Italian is Museo Storico Alfa Romeo – the “Museum of the Story of Alfa Romeo”. Enjoy my thoughts.


Alfa Romeo Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located on the company grounds of Alfa Romeo in Arese, a city Northwest of Milan. There are some options to get from Milan by public transport / bus services. The key reason for that is a major shopping mall, which is close to the Alfa Romeo grounds. However, I would rather recommend to go for the visit by (rental) car. The factory as well as the museum is located right at the A8 motorway, which is also just a minor detour if you head from Malpensa Airport (MXP)

The museum is open daily apart from Tuesdays. Opening times are 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. Adult admission is 12 GBP.


Alfa Romeo Museum – The Visit

The museum really gives a wide range of overview about the Alfa Romeo engineering history – and that also includes boats and airplanes, which play a very prominent role at the beginning of your visit. The museum is typically bilingual, English and Italian. It could have some more and deeper information here and there, but overall, the place is really well done. In the initial sections, you also learn about the development and history of the company as well as its graphic logo.

After that, you take a large escalator upstairs and start with the main car exhibition. It feels to be in line with the philosophy of the brand that the Alfa Romeo Museum reminds of an art museum in parts of the exhibition, just in regards how they arrange and present the car. The museum is not strictly following a chronological route, but also focuses on different topics, while you walk through the exhibition. Not too surprisingly, red is the dominating color of the museum.


A House Full of Iconic Cars

One fact which the museum made me aware of very strongly, is the long list of iconic cars, which have been designed and built in Varese.The Giulia, the Carabo or the 1913 aerodynamically built Castagna are just a few example you see in the pictures below.


Praising Speed and Victories

The first part of the pictures you see below is focusing on speed. This means, Alfa is showing you some of their formula and racing cars. Again, the pictures also illustrate the great way of presenting the cars in a modern and entertaining way. Thereafter, you enter the Victory Temple, in which the Italian manufacturer is not only praising their victorious cars, but also the drivers and people behind the success. The last exhibits are rather entertaining, e.g. a few Italian police cars built in Arese.


Alfa Romeo Museum – Services

THe Museum of the Story of Alfa Romeo is located on the premises of the franchise, so that it is not too surprising that the Italians offer some additional services around their brand. First of all, there is a showroom, which allows you to have a look and latest Alfa Romeo models. If you like them, you may order immediately. Getting in touch with the brand is also possible at a test circuit, which is located between the museum and the motorway (not pictured).

If you need to refresh yourself, there is a cafe close to the showroom. In the lobby area, you can have a look into the Alfa collection and bring some souvenirs with you when travelling back home.


Alfa Romeo Museum – My View

I really enjoyed visiting the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo – even though I visited on the weekend, so that the place has been really popular and crowded. It gives a nice overview about the franchise. Compared to its Italian peers, this museum feels to be more “complete”. You simply don’t miss that many models during your visit. However, I again ask myself why the company is excluding the WW2 / Fascist regime, like Ferrari does that in their museums as well.There are no (fatal or almost fatal car crashes, there is no war in the upscaled history of Italy. Apart from that historic blind spot, I am sure that car lovers will enjoy their trip to Arese.


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