German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) Premium Lounge Berlin Main Station

German Rail Premium Lounge Berlin Main Station



4.6/5 Pros

  • Separate premium lounge
  • Nice bar and atmosphere
  • Great service
  • Beautiful views Cons

  • Basic catering
  • Small capacity

What a day – on 14th January 2023, I traveled through all 16 German states in a 24 hour train ride. During this rail trip, I did not only pass or visit the eleven largest cities, but also the Premium Lounge offers by German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) in Germany’s three major cities. I was especially curious about the German Rail Premium Lounge in Berlin Main Station. It is the only separate lounge for the most values customers, while all other locations just feature a separate area. Here is my lounge review of the place named DB Premium Lounge in German.


DB Premium Lounge Berlin – Location & Access

The German Rail Premium Lounge is located in Berlin Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Please note that there are several Berlin stations, including stations with long-distance and high-speed rail services. The lounge is located at the Southern edge of the amazing train station, offering a look to the Governmental District of Germany. From the Washingtonplatz entrance, you take the escalators one floor up and head right. The small gallery route to the lounge is typically busy, as it also features a hairdresser – and the train station’s Starbucks.

Access to the Premium Lounges and Premium Areas of Deutsche Bahn is rather restricted. The general access is by being a platinum level frequent traveler of German Rail, which especially includes BahnCard 100 (Annual Network Ticket) First Class ticket holders. If you have a flexible First Class ticket (saver’s rates with a fixed train connection do not count) with a certain minimum distance, you may access the lounge as well. My first class day ticket offered me access to the lounge as well. I frequently heard that the lounge can be very busy, with lines in front to be let in. That has not been the case during my visit.


DB Premium Lounge Berlin – Atmosphere

The setting of the lounge is really nice. There are different seating areas, starting from barstools right at the bar to very cozy seats which provide a niceview of the Government District. The large windows of the lounge are thereby a really nice feature and add quite some value to your visit. The lounge is also nicely structured. As said above, the lounge might, however, be too small for peak times – I guess that the comfortable atmosphere is fading significantly with too many people in there in parallel.


DB Premium Lounge Berlin – Food & Drink

The German Rail Premium lounges roughly have a standardized offer of food. Some items can be grabbed from the bar, most of the food and drinks needs to be ordered and is prepared. I loved their pumpkin soup (which I tried later in Munich as well). If you don’t fancy long drinks, cocktails or similar, the food and drinks offered is absolutely fine for purpose. They are rather snack style, but I overall really enjoyed their quality.


DB Premium Lounge Berlin – Services

The staff was great. Even though there was family who was massively taking profit of the free food offered, they stayed calm, friendly and professional. The serving times were really fast. I also enjoyed the free WiFi, which is generally really nice in German Rail lounges. The lounge has its own bathroom, which is one of the most appreciated services of rail lounges to me. Again, the condition of the toilets was very nice.


DB Premium Lounge Berlin – My View

The catering of the DB Premium Lounge is not comparable to better rail lounges. Nonetheless, the DB Premium Lounge Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a great place and definitely one of the key perks and treats of the German national rail travel provider. If you like rail travel, I absolitely recommend to have a visit, if your tickets allows you to do so. Top Pick!


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