Adagio Hotel Bremen

Adagio Hotel Bremen



4.9/5 Pros

  • Large, very well structured room
  • Very good service and housekeeping
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Very good breakfast

Even though Accor is likely the second-most frequented hotel group in my bookings, a night in Bremen in April 2023 was my first-ever night at an Adagio Hotel of that brand. Adagio are representing apartment hotel rooms, including a full kitchen and living room. Due to its nice location right next to Bremen Main Station, I opted for this brand while visiting one of the tour stages of the 2023 German Rock of Ages musical tour.


Adagio Hotel Bremen – Location

The even though the entrance to the Adagio Hotel Bremen is on the rear side, the building in which the hotel is located is right opposite the Southern exit of Bremen Main Station. Thus, it is a nice location for a city trip, but also for concerts in Bremen’s Heinz-von-Heiden Arena (formerly AWD Arena), which is right North of the hotel. You also have short walking distances to several Bremen Old Town attractions like the historic district Schnoor.

Bremen Main Station of course provides the majority of touristic services if you stay at the Adagio Hotel. However, the same buildings in which the hotel is located, also offer a supermarket, a drugstore and numerous restaurants.


Adagio Hotel Bremen – Room

My booking was for a two person studio in April 2023, Saturday to Sunday. My booking was on a non-public rate, but at the time of booking, the refundable public rate was roughly in the range of 95 EUR. I received a room at the end of aisle, which also has been an upgrade to the hotel’s two room apartment category, right in the corner of the hotel building, on the same floor as the reception. The room definitely exceeded my expectations. From a small hallway with wardrobe, you could head directly into the bathroom on the left and to the living room on the right.

The living room was really large, with a nice sofa, a separate table for dining and even a work desk. The kitchen came with four cooktops and a microwave oven (no baking oven). Even though the kitchen equipment of course was a bit of basic – they had it all. Compared to similar hotels in the US, where my wife and I ran out of dishes frequently, this part of the Adagio hotel felt luxurious.

From the living room, you could access the sleeping room, which is ensuite with direct access to the bathroom. The sleeping room felt spacious, and came with a separate TV. I also loved that you had a direct view of Bremen Main Station from both, the sleeping room and the living room. Nonetheless, the hotel room felt very quiet. I just heard a the police in front of the main station a few times. The shower bathroom was also fine in size. The area around the sink and the toilet felt a bit of narrow. There was liquid soap / shower gel in dispensers. The housekeeping in the room was excellent, the room felt absolutely clean and I also did not spot any kitchen equipment, which I wouldn’t have used without additional cleaning.


Adagio Hotel Bremen – Breakfast

The Adagio Hotel Bremen services breakfast in the kitchen-alike area next to the lobby. The area was very charming – and the breakfast was really nice. There were also some items you typically don’t have too often, for example vegan pancakes. The selection was good, but I especially loved the presentation. Items like yoghurt or cold cuts were located in a large, glass door fridge.


Adagio Hotel Bremen – Service

The staff at the reception was very friendly. WiFi in the hotel worked out very good. The hotel also runs a laundry room and similar facilities you would expect in an apart-hotel. There is also a small gym – however, it is really rather small.


Adagio Hotel Bremen – My View

Of course, I profited from the upgrade to the apartment category being an Accor Gold member at that time. Overall, the stay was great. The staff was superb, the room was nice and even the breakfast exceeded my expectations. The location is very nice, even though the close neighborhood of Bremen main station features some weird people – not as bad as in Frankfurt, for example, though. Absolutely loved my stay. Especially for longer stays, a hotel like that is a great option.


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