Husavik Eurovision Exhibition

Husavik Eurovision Exhibition

2,000 ISK


4.6/5 Pros

  • Small, but very nice exhibition made with a lot of love
  • Beautiful Jaja Ding Dong Bar
  • Combination of ESC and Netflix movie museum
  • Lovely people

On the week at which I am publishing this review, many people are focusing on Liverpool. They look forward to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. And I am back from my Icelandic Ring Road Trip, on which I visited the Northern Icelandic town Husavik on the fifth day of the trip. The city hosts the only exhibition about the famous European music contest in the whole world. It all started with a Netflix (fictive) movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Together with the Songs of my Life episode about Guildo hat Euch lieb!, I just felt to share this impression from Iceland as the very first one from our trip with you. Hope you enjoy this little ESC day on


Husavik Eurovision Exhibition – Location & Admission

The Husavik Eurovision Exhibition does unfortunately not have a permanent home in the city yet. During 2023, it is located in the rear of the Jaja Ding Dong bar, named after the most well-known song in the Netflix movie. The bar is located next to a hotel North of the harbor and can be easily reached with a short walk if you had a whale watching trip before (we had one with North Sailing) or visited the Husavik Whale Museum.

I have been lucky to visit Husavik during the Eurovision season, so that the exhibition was open daily from noon to 17:00. Thus, I recommend to check their website before visiting, the exhibition is also offering to open by request. Adult admission to the museum is 2,000 ISK, roughly 13 Euro.


Husavik Eurovision Exhibition – The Visit

The exhibition consists of three sections. The first is featuring Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is really amazing and the collectors have gathered quite a lot of original costumes, instruments and similar items there. You also have an overview about Iceland’s performances at the contest. Together with the second section, which is dealing with the Eurovision Song Contest in general, it brought back a lot of ESC memories during my visit.

The largest room is not only hosting parts of the general ESC exhibition, but also showing some interviews in a cinema-alike atmosphere. They already introduce you to the third part of the Fire Saga section. It is amazing to see how much the the movie and the leading song Husavik meant to the people. The song was finally even nominated for an Oscar Award, which was an absolute hype in Iceland. It has been streamed 50 million times on Spotify. The soundtrack made it to the Top 10 in Iceland and Sweden and topped the UK Soundtrack charts. With the exhibition about the fictive Fire Saga, the Husavik Eurovision Exhibition is also the first ever place which exhibited costumes from a Netflix production.




Husavik Eurovision Exhibition – The Jaja Ding Dong Bar

The Jaja Ding Dong Bar is not only working as the museum reception, but also as a real bar, which offers Eurovision-themed cocktails, other drinks and some basic snacks. There are a lot of pictures and other ESC memorabilia hanging on the walls. I even spotted my favorite monsters Lordi twice, based on their Hard Rock Hallelujah victory for Finland. In summer, you will have an amazing view of the terrace as well. We had a Focaccia and a cold cut plate at the bar and really loved it. Last, but not least, there is also some merch like postcards and the Husavik t-shirt – bad luck they did not have it in major sizes.


Husavik Eurovision Exhibition – My View

While we visited the exhibition, another visitor thanked the staff with the words A dream came true. Visiting Husavik, the Jaja Ding Dong Bar and the Eurovision Exhibition is a very emotional thing for many people nowadays. But even despite that emotional factor I just cannot deny I have as well, it is just a great place to visit. Let’s keep the fingers crossed that the exhibition can establish a permanent home and Eurovision fans can sing state Husavik – My Home Town in future years as well. The organizers and the competition would definitely deserve it!


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