RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf

RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf

128.90 EUR


4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice, modern rooms
  • Very friendly staff
  • Good breakfast (without hot items) Cons

  • Too few power outlets
  • Rather high price during my stay

Looking for a hotel to cover the Seepark Biker Days 2023 in Pfullendorf did not give me too many options. I initially hadn’t found a suitable option in the city and went for a place some 20km away – but finally I have been lucky to book to the best rated place in town, the RiKu Hotel. Riku is a small chain of hotels, which are majorly present in Southern Germany. Here is my review.


RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf – Location

RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf is located right in the heart of town. There is a small park with a lake across the road, but also a nice range of different stores and restaurant with brewery in easy walking distance. The driving distance to the Seepark Linzgau, where the festival took place, is roughly 5 minutes. In general, Pfullendorf is a nice hub for traveling the area, as it features quite a lot of helpful touristic services.

If you want to travel Pfullendorf by public transport, there is a regional train connection to Aulendorf. The train station is quite close to the hotel. However, the Räuberbahn (official name: RB54) is only operating on weekends. For all other days, you need to take a bus. Finally, you will end up going there by car. The hotel does has two decent parking lots. Despite the hotel did not feel to be that packed, the capacity of their own parking has not been sufficient. Luckily, there is also a free public parking space next to the hotel car park.


RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf – Room

I had a two night stay in Pfullendorf at the end of June 2023. The two night rate, including breakfast, was 257.80 EUR. The room on first floor was rather large. You also saw that the hotel is rather new and modern. Even though the room looked much posher, it finally had quite some design elements you know from ibis, Premier Inn or Motel One. The area around the TV set looked much nicer and the seat at the work desk was actually more cozy than it looks like. The availability of power outlets was terrible, especially regarding it is a rather new hotel. There was one power plug at the work desk and one on each side in a box of each side of the bed. Another one was next to the bathroom door, but on that side and not close to the suitcase storage, so that it was useless in practice (apart from housekeeping, of course).

The bathroom was surprisingly large. Especially the walk-in shower felt comparably luxurious. However, I would have loved to have more space around the sink. One thing I absolutely did not like is that the toilet paper was slowed down from the inside with some sort of rubber tube – I never saw something similar before in all my hotel stays. The room was perfectly clean.


RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf – Breakfast

The breakfast was 9.90 per person and night, included in the price stated above. I liked the quality of items in the breakfast buffet. Especially the range of bread rolls was really nice. However, there was no hot dish apart from boiled eggs. I feel that especially in line with the money spent, this was still a very good performance.


RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf – Service

The staff was really nice. There is no 24 hour reception, but the hotel has a key box at the door,  where they can deposit your key card in case you come in late. Service times were 6:00 to 21:00 during my visit. The WiFi was excellent. Housekeeping was also very good.


RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf – My View

Overall, the stay at the RiKu Hotel was really nice. The hotel is quite modern, the staff is friendly, the location is quite central in the city. The more, I am surprised that the hotel is running into issues like the lack of power sockets. Nonetheless, a very good experience – which however came with a rather high price as well.


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