Umberto Panini Collection Motor Museum

Umberto Panini Collection

Free admission


4.5/5 Pros

  • Great collection of (Maserati) cars
  • Interesting bike collection
  • Free admission Cons

  • Remote location

During my most recent trip to the Emilia Romagna, I also visited the Umberto Panini Collection Motor Museum. Yeah, it is really the sticker guy, who took our money selling us packs of six of our most favored sports people, who is displaying the result of his passion – cars. As the museum is about to re-open after a winter break soon, I felt it is a good opportunity to share my impressions with you. The museum is also known as CUP or Collezione Umberto Panini.


Umberto Panini Collection – Location & Admission

The location of the car collection is truly a bit of obscure: it is located in a working farm West of Baggiovara, a Southern suburb of Modena. During my visit in June 2021, the bull Hombre was one of the key attractions if you wanted to have a look at the animals. He is branding the cheese diary, which is still active. As the location is remote, going there by car is highly recommended. The place is in the heart of Italian sports car manufacturing, the Enzo Ferrari House Museum Modena, the Museum Ferrari Maranello or the former Lamborghini factory museum MUDETEC are all in reasonable travel distance. Another regional place worth visiting is the former house of Luciano Pavarotti.

I don’t have the exact opening times for summer 2023 yet. During winter, you could visit the collection by appointment only. During my visit, the museum opened from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs. Admission is free, a donation is suggested.


Umberto Panini Collection – The Visit

The former farm building which hosts the car collection nowadays might not look overwhelmingly from outside – but it is amazing inside. The lower level of the museum hosts the car collection. The focus is on Maserati. Panini intiially thought about selling parts of it before he turned them into the museum. There is sufficient information in Italian and English. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. As you see in the pictures below: the condition of practically all cars is very good and covers a nice time interval of car manufacturing. A 1934 Maserati 6C 34 is the gem of the collection – but also other cars like the 1971 Bora or the 1958 3500 GT are more than worth the visit.

The upper floor is rather dedicated to transport on two wheels. You find bicycles as well as motorbikes and similar vehicles there. The two upper floor galleries also have a collection of model cars.


Outdoor Exhibits

Outside the museum, you find quite a fine set of different historic farming machines. Some of them are in a rather average condition, but it is still really worth to invest some time into the vehicles. I especially loved to run into historic tractors of brands you know from other types of vehicle, like Lamborghini.


Umberto Panini Collection – Services

Most of the services are driven by the diary farm. There is also a shop and similar facilities.


Umberto Panini Collection – My View

Yeah, the location is a bit of weird. However, the museum is absolutely worth the trip – it is a great collection of cars in a (finally) beautiful scenery. And you somehow feel better about having spend so much money for Panini stickers as well.



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