Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

295 AED


4.5/5 Pros

  • Lovely atmosphere - colorful sections as well as action
  • Fully air-conditioned for a relaxed time in Abu Dhabi
  • Lovely people and good opportunity to meet characters Cons

  • First hour park closure should be better communicated

United Arab Emirates – the country of superlatives. After Dubai opened the IMG World of Adventures in 2016 and became the world largest indoor theme park, the 2018 opened Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi slightly exceeds the park in size. Here are my thoughts about how it has been like to meet the Flintstones and Batman in the U.A.E. capital.


Warner Bros. World – Location & Admission

Warner Bros. World is located on Yas Island outside Abu Dhabi. In contrast to Ferrari World, it is not linked to the Yas Mall, but only a short drive away. The park of course features (free) covered parking facilities.

At the time of visit, the park was opening daily, 10:00 to 21:00 hrs. However, rides opened one hour later, so that you in fact could just enjoy Nowadays, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, they are opening noon to 20:00 hrs. A day ticket is 295 AED (roughly 65 Euro) at the time of writing, there is also an annual pass, which includes all Yas Island parks (i.e. Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld) for  1295 AED. There used to be a lot of combo tickets. For example, my wife and I did Warner Brothers and Ferrari World on one day, which was about 100 Euro. Please note that at the time of publishing, visiting Abu Dhabi is very restricted for tourists.


Warner Bros. World – The Park

From the car park, you take a semi-covered walkway to the indoor theme park, which welcomes you with some sort of Walk of Fame signs on the ground in front of the big hall. In addition, a golden Bugs Bunny statue leaves no doubt that you are right.


Warner Bros. Plaza

If you arrived during the first hour of opening (at least during normal times – not sure how they do it nowadays with limited times, you are limited to walk along Warner Bros. Plaza, which features a couple of stores and restaurants. The only attraction is the amazing Warner Bros. Cinema Spectacular, which is a show using the lights of the plaza scenery as well as the screen / canvas on the ceiling. There are also multiple screens hidden in the houses – that show is really amazing. As said, before the ride opening times, you unfortunately cannot explore the other parts of the park.



The other worlds of the park are more or less arranged circular around Warner Bros. Plaza. If you go anti-clockwise, you first reach Bedrock, home of the Flintstones. The indoor water ride, the Bedrock River Adventure is quite cool – I however even more enjoyed the general atmosphere of this section.


Dynamite Gulch

Following the same direction, Dynamite Gulch is the next section. You can meet some of my favorite characters there, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, who are featured at the Fast and Furry-Ous indoor coaster. Other rides here feature The Jetsons and Marvin The Martian. I generally enjoyed the cartoon-alike scenery over parts like Gotham City  – but that is definitely strongly a matter of taste. Dynamite Gulch is indeed a beautifully designed one.


Cartoon Junction

Cartoon Junction features the world of Bugs Bunny, but also includes Tom and Jerry or Scooby-Doo. The section is quite large and features a couple of rides and attractions.I liked the nice show ACME Beats in this section of the park – but for most kids, the opportunity to meet Bugs Bunny was the highlight of Cartoon Junction – unfortunately this is one of very few characters, which are limited for access. The attractions include the ACME Factory – some rides for the younger ones – and the beautiful Cartoon Junction Carousel. Elder kids and adults might rather go for the Scooby-Doo Museum of Mysteries or the Swiss Cheese Spin by Tom and Jerry.


Gotham City

That was more or less the area for kids and people (like me who like it childish and colorful). From Warner Bros Plaza, the left hand side is more dedicated to more actiona nd adult characters. The first stop from Cartoon Junction brings you to Gotham City, which features my favorite ride, the BATMAN Knight Flight, a quite improved and spinful swingboat-alike ride. The Joker Funhouse and the Rogues’ Gallery Games offer classic arcade and fun fair gaming. Action fans go for The Riddler Revolution and have some adrenaline.



Last but not least (and in fact the first area we explored during our visit) is Metropolis. My favorite rider there, also due to its design was the Justice Leage Warworld Attacks, which is also having a lovely artwork. Superman 360 was also not bad at all.


Warner Bros. World – Services

All sections feature a couple of stores – so you should not only calculate with the entrance fee when it comes to expenses. The stores are beautifu and feature standard souvenir stuff as much as very posh items.

What I really loved during our visit was the lovely and friendly staff – which absolutely includes the character people. I haven’t paid for any of the pictures below – some parks really rip off for that. Thus, we really had a lot for fun during our time in Abu Dhabi.

Other services are very good as well. The park offers quite a bunch of lockers – which I feel to be very helpful during a day in an amusement park. Hardly worth to mention in the Emirates, the park was absoluitely clean and that definitely included the sanitary services.



Warner Bros. World – My View

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is truly fun. I like the concept, the park is about half colorful and for the kid in each and everyone in us – while the other sections are rather for the superhero soul. Together with their great staff and an relaxed atmosphere, this is one of my most favorite amusement parks I have ever been to – so that Warner Bros. World absolutely deserves the Top Pick! rating.



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