Graz Coin Cabinet (Münzkabinett)

Münzkabinett Graz



4.4/5 Pros

  • Small, but very well presented museum
  • Interactive museum
  • Very good documentation in English Cons

  • No individual ticket available

I am not that much into coins and numismatic collections – but when I visited Graz in Austria in summer 2021, I just had to have a look into their Coin Cabinet (Münzkabinett), also due to its beautiful location. Here are the impressions of my visit.


Graz Coin Cabinet – Location & Admission

The Graz Coin Cabinet is located within Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle, sometimes also Eggenberg Palace), which is located in a beautiful park in the Western part of the city. There are a few parking lots at the main entrance to the park at the Schloßstraße, where you can also buy tickets. Alternatively, you may use the public transport stop Schloss Eggenberg, which is served by bus 62 and tram line 1.

The Coin Cabinet is closed in winter months. From April to October (2022 dates), the museum is opening Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. It is also opening on Monday public holidays. You cannot buy an individual ticket for the Museum, which is driven by the Museum Joanneum association. However, enterting the picturesque park, the Historic Gallery and the Archaeology Museum once is 10.50 Euro (adult). I in general recommend to go for an annual ticket, which is 25 EUR and includes 19 museums driven by the association for one year.


Graz Coin Cabinet – The Visit

The Graz Coin Cabinet is located in the rear of the palace. In fact, the museum just having three exhibition rooms. Two of them are featuring the permanent exhibition, while one is the place for special exhibitions. The first room is featuring the 15th century collection about Balthasar Eggenberger, who also built the predecessor of the palace building. The larger second room features later exhibits. The most striking part pf the exhibition is also in that room. It does not only allow you to have a better view of the coins by magnifiers – certain marked exhibits also lead to additional information on the screens of the display.

You might feel that coins are a bit of boring, but the museum is presenting them in a really nice way. The documentation within the museum is in German only. I however took English leaflets of both, the permanent and the temporary exhibition, with me – and they contain a lot of information.



The 2021 temporary exhibition dealt with the golden coins by the Salzburg Archbishops. The collection is nowadays owned by an Austrian bank. Again, the presentation of was really good and even though I visited Graz in vacation season, the atmosphere in the Coin Cabinet was really relaxed.


Graz Coin Cabinet – Service

The park offers a cafe and other facilities to relax. There are of course bathrooms in the palace as well. The staff was very kind and helped you to find around in the exhibition.


Graz Coin Cabinet – My View

If you go to a coin museum and you are not an expert, you might be afraid that you are bored. Honestly, I wanted to see the palace, the park and had an annual ticket anyway. The Graz Coin Cabinet gave me a great surprise. They do an excellent job presenting their topic. I absolutely recommend to have a visit, when you are in this part of Styria (Steiermark). and Austria

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