MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia

MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia

220 EUR


4.7/5 Pros

  • Lovely spot
  • Fantastic breakfast
  • Nice room with a cool balcony Cons

  • Weird light controls
  • Minor staff issues

In early October 2022, my wife and I had our very first trip to Cyprus. For the first two nights, we explored the capital Nicosia (Lefkosia in Greek) and opted for the MAP Boutique Hotel. The key reasons for our choice were the location close to the old town and the possibility to park our rental car near the stay.


MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia – Location

The hotel is right at the four-laned Stasinou road. There are not that many other hotels in a that central location. Nicosia Old Town is just a short walk away from the hotel. In the close area, there are a couple of shops and dining opportunities.

The hotel is contracted to a parking lot, which is located across the street behind a gas station. As we stayed at the MAP Boutique over a weekend, we used a private parking lot right next to the hotel (which is a shorter walking distance). A one night park there was 6 EUR (3 Euro per eight hours).


MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia – Room

We had a two night stay at the hotel in early October 2022, from Saturday to Monday. The fully flexible rate (two day cancellation period) including breakfast was 440 EUR. The whole hotel is beautifully designed – and so was our room. We stayed in room 306 (which lead to repeated references to the Zärtliche Chaoten 2 movie from my side…) which had a really nice size. Unfortunately, you could not switch on some of the lights individually, so that I was not able to switch on the light at the work desk (which was likely rather a make up area) without illuminating the whole room. The whole light setup was a bit of weird anyway – while I could close the blinds right next to the bed only, my wife operated both blinds in parallel with her panel, the bed one and the one at the beautiful balcony.

The hotel welcomed us with two packages of local sweets. Interestingly, the room did feature multi-country power outlets, but only at one side of the bed (and not at the work desk). The bathroom was really nice. We loved the large shower. One reason for that was that it had a system, which allows you to mount capsules, which then released essential oils over the next five to eight minutes. The experience was outstanding – and after the two capsules provided for free have been remove, we even ordered two new ones at 5 EUR each.


MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia – Breakfast

Breakfast was served at the SCALE restaurant belonging to the hotel. The breakfast was an all-you-can eat, but made-to-order one. I typically really like breakfast buffets – but this place simply showed us how much better a made-to-order start into the day may be. Below, you see some of the dishes like different kids of breakfast breads, the amazing breakfast platter or the pancakes. The quality of breakfast was awesome and also the presentation of the dishes was amazing. One of the best hotel breakfasts I had this year!



MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia – Service

Overall, we really enjoyed the service attitude and friendliness at the MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia. One of the two receptionists at check-in felt a bit stubborn, though. and we had a few service issues at Day 1 breakfast. The hotel drives a nice spa with a gym. Unfortunately, there is no pool – it would have made the stay just perfect. WiFi worked out very well.


MAP Boutique Hotel Nicosia – My View

A great room, a superb location, very good staff almost all the time – and a breakfast, which blew our minds. The MAP Boutique Hotel definitely is a hot candidate for the best hotel stay in 2022. If you are in Nicosia and want to explore the center of the city, this one is a highly recommended option. The high room price is definitely worth it!


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