Larnaca Airport (LCA)

Larnaca Airport (LCA)



4.3/5 Pros

  • Modern airport
  • Mostly efficient processes
  • Good location to motorway
  • Comparably good connections Cons

  • Public transport could be better

Visiting Cyprus in October 2022 was definitely one of the highlights of my previous year. I fell in love with the island on that trip. My wife and I had flights to and from Larnaca Airport (LCA), the key travel hub of the country. Here is an airport review.


Larnaca Airport (LCA) – Location & Transport

Larnaca Airport is located in the South of the Cypriot city. The runway is very close to the impressive Larnaca Salt Lake. In addition, there are some really nice residences South and Southwest of airport. Apart from that, there are not too many touristic facilities in the area. Arriving and leaving by car is overall easy, you hit the highway system quite quickly.

My wife and I used a rental car to get around in Cyprus. You find details about the car rental facilities in the Astra car rental review. Alternatively, there are bus connections. Last, but not least, vacation package travelers typically get a transfer from Larnaca Airport (LCY) anyway. There is a gas station at the airport, we went for grocery shopping in nearby Meneou.


Larnaca Airport (LCA) – Connections

Larnaca (LCA) is surprisingly well and connected to wide parts of Europe. This is of course especially valid during key holiday seasons. However, the airport is also a nice transfer point to Asian destinations at the Mediterranen like Tel Aviv (TLV) or Beirut (BEY). There are also very good connections to major Middle East airports, like Emirates to Dubai (DXB), Qatar Aiways to Doha (DOH) or Gulf Air to Bahrain (BAH). Apart from Northern African destinations, there are no Westbound intercontinental flights. Due to the political situation, there are neither flights to Turkiye nor to the occupied Northern part of the island. The local airline is Cyprus Airways.




Arriving at Larnaca Airport (LCA)

We landed in the late afternoon in Cyprus and were very pleased about the good and smooth arrival processes. Despite Cyprus is not part of the Schengen Area, everything went very smoothly. The baggage claim hall is very modern and well structured. It also did not feel too narrow during our stay, despite there were school holidays in some European countries during our stay on the Southeast European island.


Departing from Larnaca Airport (LCA)

Larnaca Airport (LCA) is not overwhelmingly large, but well structured and very fit for purpose. It overall has a nice atmosphere. The check-in procedure went smoothly. Without fast track access, though, there would have been some queues at security, which was overall friendly and professional.

For many Cyprus travelers, Larnaca Airport (LCA) is the last point to spoil their holiday budget. Thus, the large duty free and shopping areas might not be too surprising. They feel to be well structured and friendly. Of course, having to go through a suggested route is always a bit of strenuous. There is a good range of restaurants and also quite a lot of waiting areas, so that waiting for the flight in Larnaca (LCA) is definitely relaxed. We waited in the reasonable Aegean Lounge. You can also pre-order or pre-flight shopping and collect it after security.

We had an equipment change on our Lufthansa flight back to Frankfurt (FRA). The local staff had a lot of trouble getting that sorted, so that they caused quite a bit of delay by that. Bearing in mind that the flight time from Germany to Cyprus is roughly four hours, they should have identified that at check-in latest already.



Larnaca Airport (LCA) – Services

There is free WiFi in the airport. Apart from the issues at boarding, we felt that the staff was very friendly and helpful.


Larnaca Airport (LCA) – My View

Especially if you compare to some touristic airports in Greece, Larnaca Airport (LCA) is a real treat. The car rental is a bit of remote and the boarding issues were avoidable – nonetheless, the airport was a really good experience during our trip to Cyprus. Public transport from the airport to Nicosia and other places could be more efficient, maybe.


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