Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki Airport

Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki Airport



4.9/5 Pros

  • Superb non-Schengen lounge
  • Even comes with a sauna
  • Lovely service
  • Beautiful style

Flying intercontinentally from Europe via Helsinki, especially to Asian destinations, became more and more popular the last years. One key factor is, of course, the very reliable Business Class service by Finnair. With the growing number of passengers, Finnair also had to improve their facilities for frequent travellers: In June 2019, they opened their new Business Lounge flagship, the Platinum Wing. I was able to test it in the morning hours before heading on to London Heathrow in their A350 Business Class. Here are my impressions.

Finnair Platinum Wing – Location & Access

The Platinum Wing is located in the Non-Schengen area of the airport. From here, practically all Finnair long-haul flights are departing. The lounge is located near gate 52. I passed it the first time as I somehow did not realize that I passed an entrace door. Finnair services two lounges here: apart from the Platinum Wing, there is also an “ordinary” Business Lounge, which is sharing the same reception and staff.

The oneworld Lounge Finder states that you either have to be Finnair First Class passenger or oneworld Emerald (on a Finnair flight) to access the Platinum. The bad news: there is no Finnair First Class. Finally, that limits the access to oneworld Emeralds. One additional guest is welcome as well.


Finnair Platinum Wing – Seating & Atmosphere

The Finnair Platinum Wing offers several different kinds of seating areas. While the dining area is equipped with tables, other areas like high couch seating offer more comfort and privacy. The lounge is nicely structured. The core meeting point is definitely the bar. The modern Scandinavian design makes the lounge a lovely place. Being there in the quiet morning hours even improved that experience.


Finnair Platinum Wing – Eat & Drink

The breakfast service at the Finnair Platinum Wings was absolutely great. Due to time constraints, I was not able to have a bite at the Hilton Helsinki Airport where I stayed in – but that Helsinki lounge experience was a great treat anyway. There were a lot of items – but what I even enjoyed more was the outstanding quality of everything I had.

I just had some juice and a cappuccino as well as a smoothie to drink. It just has been too early for me to go for a drink from the bar. The bartender served some drinks and hot beverages to other clients, though.


Finnair Platinum Wing – Staff & Service

The lounge visit started with a very friendly welcome staff by the lounge receptionist. After she found out that it was my first time visit at the Platinum Wing, she showed me around and explained me the various areas. During my visit, the staff was generally nice and very attentive. Everything was clean and in a nice shape.

The internet connection provided in the Platinum Wing was the one of the Airport, which was very fast and reliable. The signature add-on of the Platinum Wings is, however, that it does not only have showers, but also a sauna. My time in the lounge was unfortunately too short to check the sauna out.

Finally, there is a small souvenir shop at the reception and lockers right behind it.


Finnair Platinum Wing – My View

Well done, Finnair! The Platinum Wing is an absolute beauty with lovely staff and a nice atmopshere. It is definitely a new, additional factor to keep Finnair in mind for your next trip, e.g. to Asia. The food was lovely, the staff great – I am just angry about one thing: that I did not make it to the lounge sauna. Next time, maybe 🙂 Of course, no doubt that this is a Top Pick! place.


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