Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West

Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West

83.10 EUR


4.4/5 Pros

  • New hotel, very modern rooms
  • Very good travel connections
  • Lovely breakfast Cons

  • WiFi issues in room if close to the Hampton rooms
  • Strange reception staff

For a stay in September 2020, I tested the Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West for two nights, Friday to Sunday. I majorly have been looking for a hotel with good travel connections – and as I had stuff like the Umadum ferris wheel and the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial on my bucket list of visits, the place did not necessarily had to be in the very heart of Munich.


HGI Munich City West – Location

The hotel is located West of Munich Main Station. To reach the travel hub, you either take two stops with the commuter rail (the stop Donnersbergerbrücke is a short walk from the hotel) or take the tram, which is more or less stopping right in front of the hotel. The hotel also features a parking garage.

Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West shares one building with an Hampton by Hilton. The facilities are separated, though. Due to the low booking situation, the Hampton took over some HGI duties, though, for example the 24 hour reception and the hotel restaurant / bar service (apart from breakfast). The hotels are located very nicely, there is a supermarket and several restaurants right around the hotel. The Landsberger Straße, where the hotels are located, host several other hotels as well.


HGI Munich City West – Rooms

My room was 166.20 EUR for two nights, Friday to Saturday. Breakfast was excluded in the fare, but included due to my Hilton Diamond status. I booked the Queen Room with sofa. The receptionist at check-in emphasized multiple times that I will receive exactly the room category I booked – which is kind of strange, as my status entitles me to be upgraded if rooms are available (the hotel did not feel to be sold out). Now looking at the “sofa” on the pictures, I am not even sure whether the room category is in fact the one I booked. To my surprise, the room was not sealed (in contrast to all other Hilton Group hotels I stayed in during Covid-19).

The room itself was nice. As the place already suggested from outside, the hotel is relatively new, so that all the facilities looked clean and modern. I also liked up-to-date features like four power plugs at the working desk.

Like the room, the bathroom was slightly on the compact side, but absolutely fine and clean. The hotel provided all basic amenities. Like in most hotels during Corona times, there was no housekeeping during your stay.

One thing I really loved about my room was that the window was facing on the rail tracks and I could thus watch the Munich Main Station rail traffic. There was no issue with the noise, though – the windows were very sound-proof.


HGI Munich City West – Breakfast / Food

The restaurant area, which was used for breakfast service during my stay, was really beautiful. Apart from wearing a mask, using gloves was mandatory on the breakfast buffet – which had a really nice selection of items, including classics like Bavarian white sausage. The hotel also featured the Hilton-alike waffle machine – unfortunately the dough was not really the Hilton US recipe. But that was just a very minor negative point – the breakfast was well organized and a very nice start of the day (I have to admit, though, that I did not hit breakfast on peak times).

Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West also features a beautiful lobby area with a nice hotel bar. The bar was, however, closed due to the low amount of hotel guests. You could use the Hampton facilities instead.


HGI Munich City West – Service

I had quite some trouble with the WiFi. Unfortunately, the reception could not really assist me (though I feel that I definitely was not the first one to run into that issue): my room was close to the elevators, right after them are the Hampton by Hilton rooms. The WiFi signal of the Hampton routers in my room were stronger than the HGI ones – thus, my computer and my mobile connected to those ones instead. Of course, my room number and surname combination did not work for that. The quality of the connection was fine.

I already stated that I felt that the reception staff was not super-welcoming, neither at check-in nor at check-out. The breakfast people were kind, though. The hotel featured a quite nice gym. Of course, everything looked new and modern in here as well.


HGI Munich City West – My View

Overall, the Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West did a very good job. I really do not understand the struggle they had at check-in and I also partially blame them for the WiFi fuzz, but overall, you have a really nice stay at this place in a location, which is quite ideal – if you do not need to be in the very heart of Munich for whatever reason. Thus, there are some minor negatives – but none which could prevent me from calling this place a Top Pick!


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