Landeszeughaus Graz – The World Largest Weaponry

Landeszeughaus Graz

10.50 EUR


4.7/5 Pros

  • Amazing collection of weapons
  • 32k exhibits on four floors

The world largest collection of weapons – luckily, this weaponry is not the result of a weird US-American NRA believer, but a really interesting historic place in the heart of Graz. When I visited the Austrian city in summer 2021, I just had to have a look inside this place. I finally made it to share my thoughts with you.



Landeszeughaus – Location & Admission

The museum is located in the heart of the old town of Graz. Thus, going there by public transport is highly recommeded. The closest train stations are Hauptplatz/Congress (which is served by a massive number of lines) or the bus stops around Andreas-Hofer-Platz. There are also a few parking garages around. In fact of high season, especially, I would however think about if you really need the car for the visit.

The Landeszeughaus is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs in summer, April to October. In winter, you may only visit the place as part of a guided tour. Adult admission is 10.50 EUR. However, the museum is part of the Museum Joanneum, which includes some really cool other places. Thus, the 25 EUR annual ticket is a good option even if you just stay in Graz for a few days.


Landeszeughaus – The Visit

The Landeszeughaus is a historic building in Graz, which in fact has served as a weaponry. Nowadays, it is working as a four-storey museum. The different levels of the house are dedicated to different kinds of weapons and eras. There is one reason, why I am pretty sure you don’t forget a visit in this place: the sheer number of exhibits. Overall, you will see some 32,000 (no typo, I promise!) weapons, canons, helmets and harnesses. It is absolutely fascinating to stroll through the racks and explore the tiny differences between the exhibits. Not too rarely, there are slightly different ornaments or other marks.

Even though I feel I have never seen more historic pieces of armor at one place before, the (by far) major share of the collection is formed by hand guns. However, there are also melee weapons, artillery items or polearms on display. I could not identify any kind of weapon of the respective time period (15th to 18th century), which is really missing at this fascinating weaponry. Even though I would not see weapons to be one of my key topics, I enjoyed my visit, which was comparably long (about one hour).



Landeszeughaus – Services

The ground floor of the building also hosts a souvenir shop as well as the official tourist information of the city of Graz.


Landeszeughaus – My View

Yeah, you cannot explore all the details of the items in this museum. The Landeszeughaus in Graz is overwhelming you solely by the number of items in display. I absolutely loved it: I feel that this place is giving you a great feeling how important being ready for conflicts had been during the time the museum is covering. I loved a couple of places in Graz – but this one is at least very close to the very top. Great visit! in Graz

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