German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) Lounge Hamburg – Premium Area

German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) Lounge Hamburg - Premium Area



4.3/5 Pros

  • Nice atmosphere
  • Basic food and drinks

In January 2023, I took a rail trip hitting all 16 German states in one day. Apart from that geographic challenge, I also wanted to explore some of the German Rail lounges. I have been especially keen to the premium lounges and premium areas, which I typically don’t have access to, despite my status level. I already introduced you to the Premium Lounge in Berlin, which is the only one of its kind in Germany. In this second posting, here is a look into the Premiumbereich (Premium Area) of the German Rail lounge in Hamburg, which I visited during my trip on a Saturday morning.


Rail Lounge Hamburg (Premium) – Location & Access

The lounge is located at the East wing of the station, East of platform 4 and close to the exits towards the underground trains, some S-Bahn commuter rails and the Kirchenallee. Both, the “ordinary” lounge and the premium area, are one floor above the passenger level and can be reached by stairs and elevator. All lounges with premium areas have a common reception. In Hamburg, there is an aisle to the premium area close to the entrance. At other lounges, the different areas are simply left and right to the reception desk.

Also compared to the rules I stated in my Berlin Premium Lounge review posted in early 2023, Deutsche Bahn / German Rail significantly sharpened the rules to access the rail lounges and to the Premiumbereich areas. Since March 2023, you may only access the latter if you either

  • Have a BahnCard First 100 (German Rail Network ticket for 1st class travel)
  • Having a flexible (not bound to a certain rail connection) 1st class ticket. In this case, you have access before departure, after arrival and at connection points. The ticket must not be within the area regional traffic organization (Vekehrsverbund).

With that update, you are also not allowed to bring companions to the Premium Lounge or Premium Areas. You can be with them in the ordinary lounge area, though. Before this change of rules, lounges were often very crowded.


Rail Lounge Hamburg (Premium) – Atmosphere

Even though the premium area of the lounge is not overwhelmingly spacious, it is having a really nice layout with different spaces. The firs section of the lounge features a bar-alike area and bisto-alike seating. In contrast to the “ordinary” area, you are served drinks and food from there. The seating is very cozy and I liked to hang out there. As you see, I was at the lounge very early and had a relaxed time. The rear area of the lounge features sofa-alike seats with higher level of privacy. The overall interior design is very modern and welcoming.


Rail Lounge Hamburg (Premium) – Food & Drink

The Premium Area of the DB Lounge also offers food. I have been there on an early Saturday morning, which meant that I had croissants and cookies and fresh-made coffee drinks, juice and similar items. Later the day, there are also soups, sandwiches and similar simple cold and warm snacks. In general, the food offered is in line with the meals available at the Premium Lounge in Berlin.


Rail Lounge Hamburg (Premium) – Services

German rail lounges offer very reliable WiFi. The Premiumbereich in Hamburg also offered some magazine to travelers during my visit. I was rather surprised that there has even been a separate toilet for premium travelers.


Rail Lounge Hamburg (Premium) – My View

I feel that the premium area of the DB Lounge in Hamburg is really cozy and welcoming. The service frequency could have been a bit better during my Saturday morning stay, but I overall really enjoyed it, arriving from Frankfurt and heading on to Berlin. Not as posh as a good airport lounge, but definitely a good place to work and relax.


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