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I am constantly aiming to improve your user experience on the website. I always felt that drilling down the list of postings by region, country and city, as you can do here, is somehow comfortable, but not sufficient. Sometimes I want to browse, explore the world – and the navigation on has honestly been not too hand for this. Thus, I felt I have to give you a better visualization of all the postings. on a Map

My idea was to put all the postings I wrote so far on a map. It was a bit of work to prepare the website for that, as you first of all need to have a licence for that and of course I needed to enter all the geo-locations. I luckily had most of them already due to the map views to illustrate the location of the attractions.

I tried to have a rather limited number of icons, so that the map does not become too colorful and confusing. You can access the map via the menu bar in a designated entry in the menu bar as well: on a Map – Some Limitations

Some items cannot be geo-tagged. Very obvious, postings like this one have no location – neither do CD reviews. For the time being, I also will not include any concert and sports reviews. The reason for that is that I expect to visit most of the venues multiple times. I will however try to find a solution for that. on a Map – Outlook

Now that all postings have the necessary geo-tagging, I will definitely make more use of the feature. I haven’t made a detailed concept yet, but for example I want to slice down the information for you if you want to travel to a destination where I feel to be rather expert for. Of course, I also aim to add more postings to the map, majorly concert and sports reviews.

As always, I would be very happy about any kind of feedback about this new feature.



I a using Google Maps for this display of postings. The maps are copyrighted by Google – is owning a licence to use them. Any screenprints etc. may touch the copyrights of Google.


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