On Top of Leverkusen Water Tower

Leverkusen Water Tower



3.8/5 Pros

  • Free entry
  • Lovely view over Leverkusen
  • One of the most iconic buildings of the city Cons

  • Rare visiting times
  • Strange parking situation

Water towers are not too common in Central Europe, especially in Germany. This is definitely one of the key factor, why the city’s water tower is one of the key icons of the city of Leverkusen I’m living in. On selected summer Sundays, you are able to visit and ride up the tower to enjoy the view on the city. Though the weather was not too ideal – it was quite rainy beforehand – I decided to do so on an August 2019 Sunday morning.


Leverkusen Water Tower – Location & Admission

Leverkusen Water Tower is located in the Bürrig disctrict, right next of Wiesdorf, which you would typically regard to be the center of the city. There are some local bus lines stopping nearby. Alternatively, you may park at the Olof-Palme-Straße, which has sufficient parking lots. The parking lot next to the water tower is unfortunately maintained by a nearby gym. With its total height of 72 meters, the water tower is the tallest building in the city.

There is free admission to the water tower driven by the local energy supply EVL. However, the opening times are very limited. In 2019, you may only get up to the water tower on each first and third Sunday in summer months, i.e. May to September. Opening times are 10:00 to 18:00.


Leverkusen Water Tower – Visit and Exhibition

An elevator takes you up the tower on your visit. The tower is operated by staff of the EVL, who is typically up in the tower. Thus, you can ring a bell and then you are brought upstairs by the staff.

The capacity up in the tower is amazing. The platform has a massive space. There is a small exhibition about energy and water provision. At some windows, there are platforms with pictures of the sights you can see from there.

Leverkusen Water Tower – Some Views from the Tower

The most well-known company in Leverkusen is very likely the chemical giant Bayer, who is also team sponsor of the local soccer club. Leverkusen is rather an industrial city, so that the you nearby typically spot the soccer stadium, the central shopping district or some significant industrial or commercial buildings. However, a bit more far away, there are really nice views of Cologne, Dusseldorf or Bergisch Land.

Though the platform has been designed as a viewing platform, it was very challenging to take pictures at the beginning of my visit. There had been rain before my visit so that the combination of dust and water drops gave a terrible view. However, the exposed position of the tower gives the wind an easy opportunity to dry down the windows significantly.

Leverkusen Water Tower – My View

Being up on the water tower is definitely a special occasion – even more as it is possible to visit it for free. There are better towers in regards of the view, but in general, you see some nice sights. Bad luck that there is an industrial plant right in line between the water tower and Cologne Cathedral. If you happen to be around on one of the open Sundays, you should definitely take some half an hour and enjoy the area from above.


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