Visiting Storhamar Hockey at CC Amfi (Hamar, Norway)

Storhamar IL at CC-Amfi



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice Olympic memories
  • Cheap catering
  • Good atmosphere
  • A lot of parking options Cons

  • Parking a bit scattered
  • Narrow isles
  • Monotonous food

CC Amfi is an ice hockey arena in Hamar, Innlandet, Norway. Sports fans know it as Hamar Olympic Amfitheatre. During the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games, the 7,500 people arena hosted short track (speed skating) as well as figure skating competitions. In 1999, the arena has been used for the IIHF World Championship (ice hockey) and the World Women Handball Championships. Ice hockey fans also strongly remember 12th March 2017, when OL-Amfi (name at that time) hosted the playoff match between Storhamar Hockey and the Sparta Warriors, which has been decided in the sixth overtime after 217:14 minutes.

I visted a Storhamar match on 15th September 2022, when the Norwegian Eliteserien / Fjordkraftligaen was about to kick-off their 2022-23 season with a derby between Storhamar/Hamar and local rival Lillehammer IK.


CC Amfi – Location & Traffic

CC Amfi is located on the West of Hamar. The area is rather commercial, there are are some residential sections around as well. The Norwegian Railmuseum is nearby.

There are a lot of parking lots around. Some preparation might help, though. One parking lot next to the arena are driven by a supermarket, for example, so that parking is not possible there. If you are staying in Hamar, you might also commute to the arena by bus. The lines 612 and 692 connect to the CC Amfi bus stop. In addition, B21 stops at Jønsrudløkka.


Storhamar at CC Amfi – Arena & Ticket Situation

CC Afri, which was also named Nordlyshallen in the past as well, has a capacity of 7,000 spectators. You see that the design of the arena is dated some thirty years back. The aisles around the arena are rather narrow. In addition, the 22 meter high arena feels comparably low. Apart from that, the design with a lot of wood as a rather warm and cozy style.

The match against Lillehammer had some 3,800 spectators. Matches towards the end of the season might thus be sold out. I had issues to buy a ticket online at the clubs ticket store, presumably as I had no enter a cell phone number, which was – of course – German in my case. The ticket office was very nice, though, and reserved me a ticket to will call and pay at the arena. The price was 230 NOK for a seat in the curve, which is roughly 22.50 EUR. Matches against Lillhammer and Stavanger are the highest / most expansive ticket category, though.


Storhamar at CC Amfi – Atmosphere

I was a bit disappointed about the low number of spectators doing the rather short trip from Lillehammer to Hamar for that match. Nonetheless, the atmosphere in the arena was nice. The fans cheered for their teams – not as enthusiastic as you might have it in other countries, but it lead to a nice touch. The pre-match was fine as well, memorizing the big moment of the Storhamar team.


Storhamar at CC Amfi – Food & Shopping

The food situation at CC Amfi is basic. There are sweets and savory snacks and some more “fancy” options like waffles, sausages and similar items. All booths follow the same menu. I had a coffee and a waffle, which was really delicious and surprisingly cheap (especially if you compare it to typical Norwegian prices). There is also a smaller fan shop inside the arena if you want to go for a jersey or other souvenirs.


Storhamar at CC Amfi – My View

CC Amfi is a bit of an old arena, but the wood design and construction is charming. The atmosphere during the hockey match was nice and the view was absolutely okay, even though I definitely did not have one of the best options in the house.


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