RiKu Hotel Reutlingen

RiKu Hotel Reutlingen

88.90 EUR


4.2/5 Pros

  • Great location
  • Nice cold breakfast selection Cons

  • Air conditioning not working
  • Minor service issues
  • Impractical power outlets in room

In order to to cover the local Nacht der Gitarren show, I headed to Reutlingen in mid-October 2023. As the weeks before have been quite stressful, I decided to go for a rather relaxed trip and more or less don’t do any additional sightseeing. Thus, a hotel right next to the train station and close to the venue felt absolutely ideal – and I ended up at the RiKu Hotel Reutlingen. It is the same hotel brand I stayed in at Pfullendorf, while I was covering the 2023 Seepark Biker Days. Here are my thoughts.


RiKu Hotel Reutlingen – Location

The hotel is indeed what I call a rail station hotel here at Right when you exit the platform connection tunnel of Reutlingen (Main) Station on the Northern side, you are next to the RiKu. My hotel room had a lovely view of the mountains, but also of the trains (which I absolutely like). There are a few restaurants around and some stores, but unfortunately no supermarkets. Not too far away, there is a biological grocery store. The hotel is associated with a brewery in the heart of town and a grill restaurant nearby, hotel guests receive a free drink voucher.

Public transport connection is done by the train station mainly. Reutlingen also has scattered national rail connections. Apart from that, you typically connect in Stuttgart, which is Northwest of the city. On the opposite side of the train station, there is also the main bus station of Reutlingen. If you come by car, there is also a hotel car park next to the hotel. Alternatively, you may use a major parking garage, which is just a few steps away. However, this one does not not allow parking (but exiting) during night time.


RiKu Hotel Reutlingen – Room

I booked a standard double room, Saturday to Sunday, on a flexible rate including breakfast. The price was 88.90 EUR. My room was in the fourth floor and was rather similar to the one in Pfullendorf, including the branch above the double bed. I did not like the small compartments next to the bed in Pfullendorf already. One definitely better feature in Reutlingen, however, was the lovely and large work desk. However, I just cannot understand, how a relatively new and modern hotel just has one power plug (and two USB chargers) next to a work desk. Another feature I loved was that you can sit on the sill next to the window. Overall, the room was quite nice in size. There are quite a lot of places where you can store items as well.

Like the room, the bathroom was absolutely clean. The design was quite good, the large shower was really nice as well. Amenities were provided by dispensers. Unfortunately, I had an issue with the air conditioning. regardless of how you tried to set it up, it heating up the room. The only option I could finally go for was to switch it off completely.


RiKu Hotel Reutlingen – Breakfast

After my previous RiKu Hotel stay, I already knew about the pros and cons of their breakfast. If you don’t count tea, coffee and boiled eggs, the buffet does not include any warm dishes. However, it is actually really nice in the cold dishes. The selection of cereals and healthy item was great – and so were the cold cuts. There was also quite a selection of bread (mainly different bread rolls), but not that much in quantity. The presentation was very nice. However, I rarely met any staff. One guest who arrived at the buffet slightly before me and left a bit earlier had not even been asked for the room number.

RiKu Hotel Reutlingen – Service

The staff was friendly and helpful. The reception is not serviced overnight and closes at 23:00. There is a nice hotel lounge which offers (rather expansive) vending machines, but also a Pac Man machine and a pool table. The WiFi in the room worked well. There is no gym or similar.


RiKu Hotel Reutlingen – My View

My thoughts about this RiKu stay are rather in line with my previous stay (which is a good thing, as it says they are somehow reliable). The room is nice, but has by far too few power outlets. Fruthermore, the air conditioning is on the negative side. Therefor, the location of the hotel is excellent and the staff is nice. The service at breakfast should be more active, though. about Weird Al Yankovic

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