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In early April 2023, I gave you an insight into my loyalty program strategy for 2023. The posting Thumbs up or down also explained, why I was aiming for certain shifts during the next year(s) and which companies stay in my preferred portfolio. I already planned to give you an update in early 2024 at that time – and here we go. Hope you enjoy my thoughts (again).


Airline Programs

Airline loyalty programs still make the largest part of my loyalty programs. This year, I am in the very special transitional situation that I am a high tier member in all three major alliances:

Lufthansa (Star Alliance) Miles & More

Status in 2023: Senator / Star Alliance Gold
Outlook in 2023: Reduce
Status March 2024:Senator / Star Alliance Gold
Trend 2024: Reduce
Target Status early 2025: Frequent Traveler / Star Alliance Silver

Even though Lufthansa handled my latest impact by a flight cancellation (ground crew strikes) really well, I am overall not happy with their customer service and communication during the last years. As I already explained in my last year’s entry, I will likely stay Frequent Traveler (also due to some nice Eurowings perks). My aim for a Lifetime status at the German market leader is gone.


British Airways (OneWorld) Executive Club

Status in 2023: BA Gold / OneWorld Emerald
Outlook in 2023: slight increase
Status March 2024: BA Gold / OneWorld Emerald
Trend 2024: constant
Target Status early 2025:BA Gold / OneWorld Emerald

British Airways is my key carrier – and likely, this will stay with them and oneworld. The service is fine, I am rather happy flying with them. My BA Gold Status renewal in 2024 is safe and for 2025 almost certain. I’m a bit struggling with their reduction of services from Germany, though.


KLM / Air France (SkyTeam) Flying Blue

Status in 2023: None
Outlook in 2023: Growing Importance
Status March 2024: Gold / SkyTeam Elite Plus
Trend 2024: constant to raising
Target Status early 2025: Gold or Platinum

With my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I completed my Flying Blue Gold status and thus completed the final step in my transition from Star Alliance to SkyTeam. So far, I am really happy with their services – and I am looking forward to a bunch of new lounges and interesting places the next years.


Icelandair Saga Club

Status in 2023: Blue None
Outlook in 2023: Positive Outlook
Status March 2024: Blue / None
Trend 2024: Stable
Target Status early 2025: Blue / None

I really like the Icelandic airline (at least this one, not the low-cost option). Finally, I just don’t see any chance to upgrade my status one day. Bad luck, their North America service via Keflavik (KEF) is really nice and the transfer is very sufficient. Nonetheless, I hope making it to the Nordic island one time this year, maybe for some geothermal spa hopping.



Hilton Honors

Status in 2023: Diamond
Outlook in 2023: slightly decreasing
Status March 2024: Diamond
Trend 2024: slightly decreasing
Target Status early 2025: Diamond

Hilton is my key hotel chain – and this will stay like this for the foreseeable future. With having “just” some 300 nights in my Hilton Honors account, I am still quite a lot of sleep away from their Lifetime Diamond status. Nonetheless, it is the only hotel lifetime status I might achieve one day.


GHA Discovery

Status in 2023: Silver not listed in 2023
Outlook in 2023: not listed in 2023
Status March 2024: Titanium
Trend 2024: increasing volume of stays
Target Status early 2025: Titanium

I did not even list GHA Discovery in my 2023 posting – now I am a top tier in this program, which covers a wide range of chains from NH Hotels to Kempinski. I fulfiled having staying stays in three of their branches in 2023. So far, I am really happy how much additional service and attention this status gave me. Thus, I expect to use it (and profit from it) even more during the following years.


Accor ALL

Status in 2023: Accor ALL Gold
Outlook in 2023: decreasing
Status March 2024: Accor ALL Gold
Trend 2024: decreasing
Target Status early 2025: Accor ALL Silver

I was really surprised that I finally had a sufficient number of nights to keep my Accor ALL Gold status in 2023. I might buy their business card some time this year, which comes with 20 bonus nights – which will then likely prolong my status again. If not, I likely fall back to silver status for 2025. Regardless which decision I finally take, I am overall really happy with the French hotel brand.



Status in 2023: Silver Elite
Outlook in 2023: constant
Status March 2024: none
Trend 2024: constant
Target Status early 2025: None

I steadily fell down in IHG status the last years. Other hotel chains simply feel to suit my travel profile better. Nonetheless, there are a few Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza stays planned for 2024.

Deutsche Hospitality H-Rewards

Status in 2023: Silver
Outlook in 2023: trending
Status March 2024: Silver
Trend 2024: increase possible
Target Status early 2025: trending

At the moment, I am back at silver level at H-Rewards by Deutsche Hospitality, which majorly features the Steigenberger brands, including IntercityHotels and Zleep. Especially the IntercityHotels I visited the last 12 months gave me pretty decent service. I just don’t make it checking out more of their hotels. Let’s see what we have in stock this year.


Choice Hotels

Status in 2023: Member
Outlook in 2023: Constant
Status March 2024: Member
Trend 2024: Constant, positive outlook
Target Status early 2025: Member

Especially for US trips, which hotel prices become rather ridiculous, I more and more appreciate staying with Choice Hotels. Indeed, some are rather below average – but a couple of them come with nice service. In case I make it to the Men World Floorball Championships in December 2024, there is a chance that I finally make it to their lowest tier level. Things are not decided yet, though.



I love rail travel. Especially within Germany and adjacent countries, I especially enjoy being able to work during the entire trip.

Deutsche Bahn BahnBonus

Status in 2023: bahn.bonus Gold
Outlook in 2023: steady, challenging
Status March 2024: bahn.bonus Gold
Trend 2024: struggle to keep
Target Status early 2025: Silver or Gold

Also due to rather frequent strike action, I struggle to have a revenue of 2,500 Euro at the German rail service Deutsche Bahn this year. This is the amount I have to spent in order to keep the second highest tier level, gold. Let’s see what my trip have in stock.


Car Rentals

Also because I traveled to destinations like Faroe Islands in 2024, where local providers are superior over the big rental chains, car rentals loyalty is less important nowadays. Finally, there is only Hertz, which is a main partner for my trips.


Status in 2023: Five Star
Outlook in 2023: Slightly decreasing
Status March 2024: Five Star
Trend 2024: Slightly decreasing
Target Status early 2025: Five Star

Especially in the United States, Hertz is my key provider for car rentals. For 2024, I just have a few rentals with them in focus. Thus, I am uncertain whether I am able to stay Five Star during 2024.



Status in 2023: Platinum (linked to Lufthansa Senator)
Outlook in 2023: decreasing in 2025
Status March 2024: Platinum
Trend 2024:decreasing in 2025
Target Status early 2025: lower

I am not sure whether Sixt will grant me a soft landing, after my Lufthansa Senator status will fade in February 2025. Bad luck, I really appreciate their service. All the rentals with them, including the most recent one at Sixt Leverkusen, felt very pleasing to me.


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