The Wellness Loft at Romantik Hotel Reichshof (Norden)

Romantik Hotel Reichshof

462 EUR


4.0/5 Pros

  • Lovely room
  • Overall, good food (apart from coffee service)
  • Beautiful location Cons

  • Service and WiFi issues
  • Pool and gym area too small
  • Average value for money

Ten years of happiness (and all the other times) with my wife – we originally intended to celebrate this very special date with another trip to New York. However, the anniversary was in July 2021, there was Covid-19 and instead of the Big Apple and Washington, we headed to East Frisia in Northern Germany. In order to at least have some very special memories, we opted for the Wellness Suite in the Romantik Hotel Reichshof in Norden, not too far away from Norddeich harbor, where some of the ferries to the East Frisia islands are operating. Here are my thoughts about our stay.


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – Location

The Reichshof (which is, by the way, not in any way related to the same-named hotel I reviewed in Hamburg) is located quite in the heart of Norden. If you arrive by car, some one-way routes may bother you (my GPS hasn’t been updated for that), but apart from that, it is really easy to find. Outside the hotel premises, the Romantik Hotel Reichshof drives a huge parking lot. From there, it is maybe some 300 meters to the reception. If you arrive by train – Norden is in fact rahter well-connected to German rail system due to the North Sea island ferries from Norddeich, you may even take a walk if you have light luggage (some 700 meters).

If you come by car or rail, you likely approach the hotel area from its rear. The opposite side is right at the pedestrian zone of Norden, which is actually quite nice. You also find some nice cafes and dining places there. Two major supermarkets, real and Kaufland, are in short distance as well. Parking, by the way, is not included in the hotel price (5 EUR / night).


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – Atmosphere

The hotel is in fact consisting of multiple buildings and a nice path-alike route in between. Some of the buildings are linked by walkways. However, the Covid-19 measures require one way routes, which also implied that you had to leave the buildings when heading to the sauna. Nonetheless, the area feels quite private and the traditional style buildings create a really nice atmosphere.


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – The Wellness Suite

My wife and I booked the Wellness Loft of Romantik Hotel Norden. The rate for two days (Saturday to Monday) in July 2021 was 924 Euro. It included half board, a coffee and cake service and several service amenities (see below). You could also take one of their swan-shaped padddleboat on the nearby river for free as well as rent a bike, included in the price (e-bikes for an additional charge of 10 Euro / day). The rate allowed to cancel the rate up to some two weeks before arrival.

The sleeping and living area of the room was actually really impressive and beautiful. The area was really large and generous with a lovely bed and a cozy sofa. The corner of the room also featured a nice work desk. Fruit and chocolates welcomed us when we arrived and have been refilled by the room service. The large windows gave a lot of daylight, but you did not feel any disturbance or even being watched by the pedestrian zone at all. The package also included some bubbly welcome. There was also some water and juice for free in the mini bar.

The naming Wellness Loft, which translates best to “Spa Loft”, is majorly based on the amazing bathroom. The room features a huge Jacuzzi bathtub, a steam bath and a large shower (unfortunately, just a rain shower) as well as a separate room for the toilet. No hassle about who is using the bathroom – it features two sinks as well. The room featured some nice amenities as well. We really loved that place, which even made us not visiting their spa area too much.



Romantik Hotel Reichshof – Breakfast / Food

The overall breakfast buffet performance of the hotel was good. While there could have been a bit more of selection on the warm dishes side, they were really good in cold cuts and healthy food. Really nice presentation as well – and you could start the day with some original East Frisia tea, which I absolutely loved.


Ups and Downs at Coffee Service

As said, there was a coffee and tea service included in our package. The first day, we took it in the hotel, where it was served in the beautiful winter garden-alike area. The scenery there is beautiful – unfortunately , the service was not. The selection of cake felt really basic and the slices were small. More than that, though, the service was bad. After we have been served our tea and cake, they just felt to be done with their service. Not even asking if we need something more (of course, which we then have to pay for an additional charge). We did not really feel welcome in there.

Thus, we opted for the second location you can choose, which is actually a self service cafe at a castle nearby, Schloss Lütetsburg. The cafe feels to be driven by the hotel as well. Even though the place was very popular and packed, the staff was really friendly and the quality of cake was massively better than the one we had the day before.


Similar Feelings at Dinner

Unfortunately, the dinner was a similar up and down. At the first day, we could choose our three course meal from a dedicated menu. A really nice selection of dishes, great food. The more, we were surprised that there was a fixed starter and dessert at the second evening, with a choice of three dishes for the entree. The absolutely weird thing was that you could also somehow ask for dishes from the major menu – but nobody told us. It is a 450 Euro per night place – so we just did not expect this level of variation in service. What was really great, however, was that any standard drinks including a selection of wine were included in the dinner package.


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – Sports & Spa

The hotel drives a really nice sauna area, which was unfortunately too popular to take pictures of. However, it felt really nice with some different places to sweat. The pool area, which you see below, however, was rather small. The pile in the middle of the pool made it even more unfortunate if you were aiming for a swimming (regardless of the pandemic situation). A really nice place was the adjacent warm sand relaxation room. The pool area also featured two whirlpools, which you could operate with a coin.

The hotel also runs a gym – but that one is really limited.


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – Services

Apart from the coffee experience, the staff was really nice. We also had a good feedback chat about the stay at check-out, which I generally appreciate. One of the topics we discussed is that there have been severe issues with the WiFi. Especially on Sunday morning, there hasn’t been a connection for several hours.


Romantik Hotel Reichshof – My View

Of course, the two days at Romantik Hotel Reichsdorf have been good. Nonetheless, there were some negative points as mentioned above. To me, it was slightly too many for a hotel, which is demanding top class overnight prices. Compared to other places I visited the value for money was not as good as it should be. in East Frisia

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