Car Rental Review – Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – Toyota C-HR

Hertz Munich Airport (MUC)



4.1/5 Pros

  • Well-located car rental office
  • Overall, good car and service Cons

  • Issues in the rental car parking garage

A rail strike destroyed our travel plans in and around Munich in March 2024. Thus, on a rather short notice, my wife and I had to grab a rental car from Munich Airport (MUC). I went for the provider I preferably choose, Here is my review of the experience.


Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – The Rental

I had a one day rental at Munich Airport on a Friday in March 2024. The rental was reserved rather short-term, a few days before the in-fact drive. The total rental price, including airport fees and taxes, was 95.84 EUR,  The rental was in the car class D (Opel Astra or similar), I received an upgrade to M class (Toyota C-HR). The rental included 400km free mileage, which was absolutely fine for me to reach a couple of spots around Munich.


Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – Location & Office

The Hertz office is located in the main shopping and recreation area between the Terminals 1 and 2. The area named Munich Airport Center (MAC) features restaurants, stores and similar facilities. All rental car offices are located in there. The Hertz one is quite large and prominent. The cars are located in a parking garage North of the MAC. Office times of Hertz at Munich Airport (MUC) are 6:00 to 22:00 daily. Saturday closing time is 17:00 already.

Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – Receiving The Car

Even though my name was on the board of the Gold Plus Rewards counter, checking in took a bit of time. The directions to the parking garage are very transparently given. We did struggle to find the Hertz area, though. The car had minor scratches and a tiny dent in the screen which was not marked in a report. Finding the responsible Hertz person who was in charge of that in the garage was a bit of difficult (just one person, who was not at the desk, but also pursued other duties in parallel).


Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – Returning The Car

The directions to the car rental return are very clearly given from the motorway. If you take the regional roads from the East of the airport, it is a bit more tricky, but overall rather easy as well. The return facility is shared by all companies. Like when you leave the parking garage, pictures of the car are automatically taken, which I always feel to be a good thing. Also within the return area, the different car providers share one facility. The car rental return was smooth and efficient.


The Car – Toyota C-HR Hybrid

I received a Toyota C-HR hybrid car. The car was in good condition (apart from the tiny damages mentioned above) and had a mileage of 18,000 km. I overall really enjoyed driving it. As I just had short routes around Munich, the Japanese brand car definitely gave me more comfort than I actually needed


Hertz Munich Airport (MUC) – My View

Overall, the experience with Hertz in Munich was really good. The directions to the Hertz parking lots could be a bit clearer and the service in the garage was a bit of difficult. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed that rental.


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